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Monday, October 1, 2012

Blessing of the Animals

On September 30th animal lovers including many Newf Friends volunteers, adopters and supporters were gathered at the Dunbarton-Fairport United Church in Pickering to participate in the Blessing of the Animals.  Thank you to Minister Jeff for making this day so special for those who participated, and for including Newf Friends and foster dog Willie in the events.  Your ongoing commitment to animals and support of Newf Friends is so greatly appreciated.
Here are some photos and some of what Jeff had to say about the day,

Hi folks,
Here are some photos from yesterday's service. Over the past few weeks we have been celebrating Creation Time.  Yesterday we focused on how God's creatures connect us closer to God. Peter and Willie helped me with the children's time where we talked about their pets and how they as children care for them.

Peter then joined me for the sermon and we heard about Peter's passion for Newf dogs, his work with Newf Friends, some concerns about BYBs and we connected it to our work as disciples. They did Newf Friends proud.  

Peter and Willie

Peter and Willie were incredible during our service.  Our people at Dunbarton-Fairport were wonderful in their welcome.  Peter seemed so at ease as he chatted with me during the sermon.  Wish we could have had more time.  He put in a good plug for Newf Friends and I placed the website on our Face Book page.  So many people took the time to pet Willie and chat with Peter.  

He stayed on for the Blessing of the animals.  He was a great ambassador for the day.

It was a wonderful day. 



More than just Newf were in attendance at the Blessing of the Animals.....here are a few of the other attendees: