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Thursday, January 30, 2020

About Newf Friends

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Saturday, July 23, 2016



Adoption Overview
New arrival, under assessment
1 yr old
Located in Fergus ON

All About Thunder
Thunder arrived in our care on July 23/16 and is currently under assessment.  He is an affectionate boy who has loads of potential and is looking for some structure, leadership, training, attention and love.

We don't know too much about his history, he has been bounced around a bit in his short life and will benefit greatly from routine, structure and someone who has the time to teach him all of the things he should have learned when he was a pup.

A typical young hooligan who has not received much training, Thunder is full of beans and in need of learning leash manners, basic commands, and house manners (like keeping his feet off the counter!)  He will come around quickly with some basic work.

We will be testing him with dogs in the coming days.

He has now been brought utd on vaccines and will be neutered shortly.  He weighs 130 lbs.  He is a black newf although his coat is dull -- we hope that with a healthy diet, exercise and grooming his coat condition will improve greatly.

More details to come as we assess him.

Saturday, July 16, 2016



Quick Adoption Overview
2.5 years old - DOB Dec 10, 2013
Health Needs:  has environmental allergies
Is allergic to cats (and goats) so is not suited to a home where there is a cat
Gets along with well mannered dogs
Located in Mississauga, ON

All about Murphy
Murphy is a sweet and sensitive boy who loves attention and is a typical velcro Newf who wants nothing more than to be by his owner's side.

This gentle boy came to us after his family had changes in their life making it difficult to meet Murphy's health needs.  He has received nothing but excellent care from them throughout his life, and has been very loved and adored.

Health wise, he suffers from environmental allergies from a variety of things including certain grasses, trees and even cats.We are working with a team of traditional and holistic practitioners to come up with a supportive strategy to get him on the road to good health.

He is hypothyroid and has now begun medication (under $25/month) which should go a long way towards helping his skin issues.

Donations towards Murphy's care are greatly appreciated.

Murphy enjoys the company of other friendly dogs, and could join a home with a foot legged pal.  Here he is playing with his foster brother:


Murphy is sensitive to being separated from his family, so a home where someone is around much of the time is ideal for him.

He is being fostered in the Toronto area.

Thursday, July 14, 2016



Quick Adoption Overview
ON MEDICAL HOLD - Hudson arrived in our care on July 14, 2016 and is currently undergoing treatment for Lyme disease
6 years old - DOB May 4, 2010
Fostered in Belleville, ON
Good with cats
Good with well mannered dogs

All about Hudson

Hudson is a gentle, well mannered boy who knows his basic commands and has nice house manners.  He enjoys spending time with people, is friendly and affectionate, and loves to give big kisses!  He is gentle around children and an overall big, lovable fella'.

Hudson has been happily hanging out with the other four footed pals at his foster home.  He could join a family where there is another well mannered, gentle dog. He is also respectful of cats.

This sweet boy came to us through no fault of his own when changes in his family meant that he was not receiving the care that he needs.  He is currently on medical hold to resolve a number of issues. 

Hudson was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 but sadly was left untreated.  As a result of this he has been experiencing weakness, pain, swelling and feeling very unwell.  When he entered our care we started treatment promptly and are already seeing a big improvement in his demeanor and activity level.  His treatment will take a month (to the middle of August), at which time we will recheck to ensure that he is clear of the disease.

He has a lot of muscle wasting on his back end which we will work on rebuilding now that he is feeling better.  He gets around well, and with some pain meds to help him as he recovers from the Lyme disease he will feel loads better.  We do not expect him to require pain medication once the inflammation from the disease is gone.

Hudson is hypothyroid and we are working to find the correct medication dose to stabilize his thyroid function.  He is suffering from severe skin, ear and eye infections at the moment (likely due to low thyroid function) but responding very well to treatment and he already looks and feels loads better!  A healthy diet, proper management of his thyroid, and lots of TLC should help Hudson to stay in good condition.

Hudson has mild entropion in his left eye.  Once his eye infection and inflammation has reduced we will assess how best to manage this.  He appears to have some vision issues in that eye.  Further analysis is pending.

Donations towards Hudson's care are greatly appreciated -- the cost of diagnostics and treatment are high at the moment, but once we get Hudson healthy he should have no more issues moving forward.

Long term his health needs will require thyroid medication ($25/month) and a healthy diet, proper grooming and exercise, and lots of love.

Hudson is being fostered in Belleville, ON. His approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person.

We will consider a foster-to-adopt placement once we have ensured that we have his thyroid medication at the correct dose and he is healthy enough to receive his basic vaccines.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Courtesy posting for our rescue friends and supporters in Thunder Bay
If interested in adopting Dior please complete our application and return it to us, we will forward to her caregivers in Thunder Bay for screening

Quick Adoption Overview
6 years old
Spayed and UTD on vaccines
Good with dogs
Good with cats
Good with kids
Located in Thunder Bay

All about Dior
Sweet 6 year old Dior is a friendly, affectionate and well mannered girl who through no fault of her own finds herself in need of a home.   Her family's situation has changed and she can no longer stay with them.

We are told that she is a very sweet girl who is wonderful with other dogs and could happily live with a cat as well.  She is used to getting lots of love and care, enjoying napping on the couch and snuggling on the bed.

She is in need of dropping considerable weight, currently weighing 160 lbs (goal weight of 115-120).  A healthy, grain free diet in the appropriate amount, and lots of opportunities for exercise should help her get in shape over the coming months.

Dior is not a fan of stairs so would be happiest in a home where she will not be expected to climb a lot of stairs to go outside to potty.

She has been spayed and her vaccines are current -- due at the end of the summer.

Dior is in Thunder Bay -- her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person.

She is not a Newf Friends dog, but we are accepting applications for her on behalf of her caregivers and will forward suitable applications along to them.  

Friday, June 10, 2016



June 30/16: I was adopted!

Quick Adoption Overview
5 years old - we believe his date of birth is June 14, 2011 but can not confirm this
Friendly with dogs
Good with cats but needs reminders not to chase
Being fostered in Belleville, ON

All about Winston

Winston and his half-brother Tonka were acquired off of Kijiji 6 weeks ago by a family who wanted farm dogs. Unfortunately,  through no fault of their own, Tonka and Winston were not a good fit for their new family. The decision was made to turn them over to us to ensure that they each found exactly the right home.

Darling boy Winston is a calm, quiet, gentle boy who is sweet and sensitive.   He can be timid in some situations, including going through doorways and entering some new builings. He'll flourish with some confidence building, and an opportunity to learn all about the joys of indoor life.

He is housetrained and has great house manners -- he doesn't chew, is not destructive, is quiet and easy going.  He is reliable when left home alone.

Winston is super sweet and friendly with people.  His foster family has taken him to the local farmers market where he was very excited to meet so many new friends.  He walks well on leash overall.

He is polite and friendly with other dogs.  What a good boy!  He has not yet been too interested in playing with his foster siblings.  He would be fine with other calm dogs, or equally happy as an only dog.

Winston is overall good with the family cat, but as he has settled into his foster home, he has decided that chasing the cat from time to time seems like a fun idea.   He can live with a cat, but it should be a cat that is doggy savvy and not as likely to give chase.

He has been good with kids, but tends to forget his size, and may jump up for attention if given the opportunity.

Winston is neutered, is HW negative, and has now been vaccinated.  He has just completed treatment for a UTI.

Winston will benefit greatly from dropping excess weight, and putting increasing muscle mass in his back end.  With a healthy diet and lots of exercise we expect him to flourish.

Winston is being fostered in Belleville, ON.  His approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person.  A adoption donation of $500 will apply.

Fenced yard required.



UPDATE: June 27 -- I was adopted!

Quick Adoption Overview
Arrived June 10/16
Born April 1, 2011 -- 5 years old
Being fostered in the GTA

All about Tonka

Tonka and his half-brother Winston were acquired off of Kijiji 6 weeks ago by a family who wanted farm dogs. Unfortunately,  through no fault of their own, Tonka and Winston were not a good fit for their new family. The decision was made to turn them over to us to ensure that they each found exactly the right home.

Tonka is a very calm, friendly, affectionate boy who loves spending time with people.  He is well mannered in the house, and has excellent leash manners, walking in a perfect heel.  He doesn't know too many commands, but is eager to please and learning more each day.  He'd be a great candidate for obedience work.  What a good boy!

Get pettin'
His surrendering family told us that Tonka would chase small outdoor animals like chickens, ducks and outdoor cats.  He has been introduced to indoor cats and has shown no interest in chasing.  A home with an indoor only cat who is dog savvy would likely be ok for him.  He is not a match for a home where there are outdoor cats cruising about.

We're going to need a bigger pool
Tonka is non-reactive to dogs walking by him on his walks, he is just focused on his handler.  When introduced to new dogs Tonka is unsure of them in his personal space.  He will stiffen and posture.   This passes easily when in the company of respectful dogs.  He will benefit from the opportunity to work with a confident handler who can slowly help him learn doggie social skills.  He could join a family with another very calm, respectful dog and an experienced handler, although he would be very happy being the only dog.

Tonka is neutered and his vaccines are UTD.  He appears to be in good health.

Tonka is being fostered in the GTA.  His approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person.  An adoption donation will apply.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


ADOPTED July 17, 2016

Quick Adoption Overview
2 years old - DOB December 10, 2013
Gets along with dogs and cats
Has some depigmentation of his skin -- this does not require treatment (see below)
Fostered in Mississauga, ON - We will consider homes for Ted up to 15 hours or so from his foster location -- this includes NB, NS and the eastern States.
Fenced yard required

Ted loves the water!
All about Ted
Adorable boy Ted is a great catch for anyone looking for a gentle, affectionate, Newf.  He makes friends with everyone he meets, both two and four legged, and is an all around awesome fella.  He is a very happy boy who always seems to be smiling!

Ted is a sweet Newf who has been well cared for and loved.  He has wonderful manners, knows basic obedience and would be a super match for anyone wanting a quiet, nicely behaved companion.

An avid swimmer, Ted would be a great fit for someone who also loves to swim or is looking for a dog to do water work with.

You probably noticed that Ted has a light coloured nose.  Ted has a harmless condition called vitiligo which causes loss of pigmentation in the skin. This is a hereditary condition that does not cause any problems for Ted, other than some light coloured spots on his face.

We've completed extensive testing to rule out any other cause for the depigmentation and were very pleased when the diagnosis of vitiligo was confirmed by a dermatologist on June 11.   Moving forward, there is no need for any treatment -- Ted's quality of life is not impacted and he suffers no ill effects. Hooray!

We'd like to extend a huge thank you to Dr. Jocelyn Wellington of the Animal Dermatology Services in London, ON for fitting Ted in on short notice and coming in on her day off to see him.  Thank you!

Ted has a very slightly increased risk of developing an immune mediated disorder at some point in his life, but with a healthy lifestyle the risk is very low. Eating a healthy diet (he currently eats raw) and having minimal exposure to vaccines will go a long way towards preventing any issues.  A home in a location where there is not a high risk of heart worm infection or lyme disease will be best for Ted so that he does not need to be subjected to preventative meds.

Ted is neutered, his vaccines are current and he is in good health.  He has cherry eye in his left eye.  Surgery has been performed twice and failed both times. We have determined that it is best for Ted to just leave it be.  On occasion he may need eye drops to keep the eye lubricated, but he is not experiencing any issues from this condition.

Ted thrives in a calm, quiet, predictable environment.  He is a sensitive boy who becomes anxious when there are loud noises (fireworks, thunderstorms, loud trucks, etc). Thanks to loads of love and care from his foster mom, Ted has made great progress learning that loud noises don't have to be scary.  Bravo Ted! There is still some work to do, and Ted will likely always be uneasy during thunderstorms/fireworks, but he is really coming around.

Like most Newfs, Ted wants nothing more than to hang out with his family and be near the people he knows and trusts.  A predictable schedule, and a family where he won't be left alone for extended times will be best for Ted.  Families who travel a lot and board their dogs, or require regular dog sitters are not the right match for Ted.  He'd prefer to have his people around as much as possible.

Ted gets along with other dogs and  would be super happy to join a family with another well mannered, friendly pooch for him to romp and play with.  He also gets along with cats -- what a good boy!

Check out his cute adoption video below. What a fun boy!

Ted is being fostered in Mississauga, ON - his approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person.  An adoption donation will apply.

Sunday, May 8, 2016



Quick Adoption Overview

I joined an adoptive family on June 20/16!  Lucky me!

3 years old - DOB March 17, 2013
Playful with energetic dogs, would be too much energy for senior dogs.
Good with cats
Gentle with kids
Fenced Yard Required
Located in the GTA

All About Honey
As sweet as honey!  Honey is a a 3 years old Newf, who was born March 17th, 2013.

She is a petite Newf at 80 lbs.  Her ideal weight would be closer to 85-90 lbs, so she needs to gain a few pound.   Not to worry, what she lacks in size she makes up for in personality.  :o)

Honey is super friendly with everyone she meets!  She loves affection and belly rubs.  She's been gentle and polite meeting neighbourhood kids.  A typical velco Newf, she'll follow you around any chance she gets!

Her foster family is teaching her basic obedience, including keeping all four paws on the floor.  Her new family will have to keep up her training.  She is a smart and eager student, though, and her training is coming along nicely.

Honey hasn't had a lot of opportunities to socialize with new dogs, and so takes a few moments to warm up. Once she settles, she is a play machine.  She would be great with a social, playful dog that would appreciate her rough and tumble play style, and equally fine as an only dog.

Her foster family has a cat, and Honey is doing very well.  She did try to chase a few times, but has learned that feline friends generally don't want to play with her.  Humph!

Honey will absolutely excel at working dog activities!  She is bright, eager and loves to learn!  Her foster family has enjoyed teaching her the basics, such as sit, down, stay, etc.  Her crate training is also coming along nicely.

She is an energetic girl, who needs a active family to keep her mind and body well exercised.

Honey has recently gone into heat, which will delay her spay surgery.  It is safest to delay surgery for 5-6 weeks following the end of a heat cycle.  We will consider a foster-to-adopt placement in Ontario once her heat has ended (mid June).  In this case she could join her adoptive family prior to spay, and in 6 weeks time we would then proceed with spaying before finalizing the adoption.

She is being fostered in the GTA.  Her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person.
An adoption donation of $500 will apply.

Sunday, May 1, 2016



Quick Adoption Overview
Adoption Pending

4 years old
Health Needs:  Suffers from kidney disease, see comments below
Newf  mix
Tested well with cats
Is fine with well mannered dogs
Gentle with children, but we'd recommend older kids because she is bouncy.
Fenced yard required

All About Betty-Lou
Betty-Lou and her brother T-Bone (who has since been adopted) arrived in our care on May 1 when changes in their owner's life situation made it necessary for them to find a new home.  They are said to be Newf x Old English Sheepdog.  She is approximately 120 lbs.

She was born May 13, 2012 (4 years old).  Upon arrival Betty-Lou had a serious UTI which we promptly treated.  She seemed to be doing well but a few weeks after her treatment ended she began having accidents, her urine became bloody and we knew something more serious was happening.  Looking back over her vet history from her surrendering family, it appears that she presented with bloody urine when she was 10 months old.  A short (too short) treatment of antibiotics was administered at that time and no follow-up was ever done.

It appears that Betty-Lou has been suffering from a chronic infection for several years.  We scheduled an ultrasound, ran tests and have now confirmed our fears -- her kidneys and bladder have been permanently damaged.

We are working to come up with the very best plan for supporting her kidneys and ensuring that she has a good quality of life.  A special diet, supplements and regular monitoring of her kidney function will be needed.

At this point we can not estimate what her life expectancy will be, but her blood levels are good, she is not in renal failure, and we are optimistic that she will enjoy many bright days ahead. We do not feel that she is a candidate for our sanctuary (palliative care) program, and do feel that she could join an adoptive family to enjoy her remaining time in the loving care of a family of her own.  It is impossible to estimate how long her kidneys will function, but with proper diet and care it is possible that she will enjoy many years to come.

We are hoping that she can find a forever family of her own who will love her and give her a fabulous quality of life.  A home where someone is around much of the time is needed, as she will need opportunities to go outside to potty regularly through the day.

UPDATE: Betty-Lou is currently being treated for a UTI.  As such, she is available as a "foster to adopt" placement.  This means that Newf Friends will continue to cover her medical costs while her UTI is being treated.   She started a round of antibiotics, which will be administered for the next four weeks (starting on June 28th, 2016).  She we will require a minimum of two trips into one of our vet clinics during this time, to check her progress.   As such, she can only be placed within reasonable proximity to one of our vet clinics, which are:  Mississauga, Markham, Fergus, Brantford and Apsley, Ontario.  Once the infection has cleared up, her adoption can be finalized 

Betty absolutely adores all people!   She is very friendly and loves belly rubs.  She started out a bit TOO friendly, and would jump up to kiss your face.  :-P  With a little training, she is doing much better and now sits politely for attention the majority of the time.  She will need on going training in her future home, to ensure she is the best dog she can be.

She loves her leash walks, and is a real joy to walk.  She likes visiting all the neighbours, including the neighbourhood kids.  She sits nicely for head scratches.  She is very patient too, if you want to stop and chat.  She sits at your feet and show off how lovely she is, until it's time to keep going.  What a neighbourhood super star!

She is a typical shadow Newf when you are home, but also very well behaved when left alone.  She is not destructive around the house, does not chew things she isn't supposed to, and can have free reign without any issues, as long as there are no obvious temptations on the counters.  Good girl!

Betty Lou is also very quiet in her foster home (she has only barked a handful of times).

She LOVES car rides, and hops right in without any hesitation.  She's always ready for the next adventure!

Betty has had minimal opportunity to meet new dogs in her lifetime, and so she tends to be unsure of new dogs and avoids them.  She warms up easily enough, as long as they are polite and would be well suited to living with another four footed pal, or being the only dog.

She tested well with cats, but is not currently living with feline friends.

As a bonus, Betty-Lou hardly drools and is ever so gentle taking treats.

She is also awesome off leash and has great recall.

Betty-Lou is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on her vaccines.

She is looking for a family that enjoys all of her favouite things -- lounging, belly rubs, car rides, and walks. Does that sound like anyone you know?  ;-)

She is being fostered in the Toronto area.

Given Betty-Lou's health needs, there is no adoption fee for her to join a loving forever family.