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Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue is a foster home based rescue group operating in Ontario, Canada. We place dogs into carefully screened homes in Ontario and parts of neighbouring States, within a days drive. If you are outside of our area visit the Newf Rescue listings for Canada or the Newf Club of America Rescue Listing to find a rescue near you.

Monday, July 21, 2014



Details about this 1 1/2 yr old boy coming soon!



Details about this 5 year old boy are coming soon!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


NewfStock is coming up soon, have you booked your hotel room yet?

Our registration packages and pledge forms will be online this week.  Everyone on our mailing list will receive an email with all of the details soon, so watch your inbox!

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Monday, June 23, 2014



Beautiful gal Gwen is looking for love.  This beautiful landseer came through our program late last year and was adopted in December. Unfortunately her family are relocating overseas and sadly made the decision to return Gwen to our program.

Gwen has lovely house manners, knows basic commands, and is a quiet, easy going Newf.

Gwen gets along well with other dogs and could happily join a family with another well mannered dog.  She is not so great with cats, she can't help herself, she loves to chase them!  She is best in a cat-free home.
For some background, Gwen's bio from when she came through our program last year can be read here

Born Dec 19, 2008, she is a happy, healthy 5 year old Newf.

She is being fostered in the Port Perry area.  An adoption donation of $500 applies.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014



What a pretty little peanut!

Gorgeous gal Suzy arrived in our care on June 16th and is doing great.  She is friendly and social, gets along well with everyone she meets and is a real love bug.

Suzy is gentle and easy going, is used to children and could join a family with dog savvy kids. Such a great girl!  She has nice manners and loves to be with her family -- a real velcro newf!

The sweet gal gets along well with other dogs and would be happy to have a four footed playmate.

She knows basic commands and is working on her leash manners.  She is well behaved in the house except for the occasional counter cruising incident -- she loves bread!  Her foster family are working on this.

She came to us through no fault of her own.  She lived with a family for 3 years, had 3 litters in that time, and then changes in their life led to their decision to surrender her to us.

Suzy was born on April 23, 2010 so is 4 yrs old. When we took her in to be spayed it was discovered that Suzy is heartworm positive.  We will be treating Suzy prior to making her available for adoption - this will take several months.  We would consider a foster to adopt situation (her approved adopters foster her throughout treatment, then her adoption is finalized once she is healthy.)

She is being fostered in the Sudbury area.  Her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person. An adoption donation of $500 applies, once her heartworm treatment has been completed..

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Prevent Fly Strike!

Dr. Janice reminds us that fleas and ticks aren't the only insects we need to worry about. To protect your dogs from fly strike you must keep your pets clean and properly groomed, and pets who have sores on them must be kept away from flies! Here's what Dr. Janice had to say:

Saw my first case of fly strike this year. This happens when thick fur, soiled with diarrhea, blood, or other bodily fluids attracts flies which lay their eggs there. Maggots hatch out within 1-2 days. The maggots produce an enzyme which actually digests the skin and creates open wounds. They will feed on both live and dead tissue. They produce toxins and enzymes that can make the affected animal very ill or even kill it,. The wounds are always worse than they look at first!
Keep your pets CLEAN. If they are ill or have open wounds, keep them indoors, away from flies. Cleaning maggots out of wounds and trimming away dead tissue is not my favourite task.

.......Most often I see it in heavily coated dogs, like Newfies (and sheep, when I used to do large animal work) but this was actually a guinea pig which lived in an outdoor pen.

.........It can happen fairly quickly, in only a few days and since it is usually covered by soiled matted hair (at least at first) it can be easy to miss at the start. i probably see a half a dozen or so cases every summer. I used to see more when I worked in rural practice where animals were left outside more.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Louise (aka Lou-Lou)

Say hello to Louise,  a lovely Newf-mix who is 3 years old and searching for a loving family to call her own.  Louise arrived in our care along with her mom Thelma on June 10 when their owner was no longer able to care for them.

Lou-Lou was born on February 14, 2011.  Her mom Thelma (pictured on the left)  is a purebred Newf.  We do not know what breed her sire was.  Thelma was left outdoors in an unfenced yard while in heat and a neighbourhood dog wandered over and bred with her. Any ideas what Lou may be mixed with? We are guessing Lab.

No matter what she is mixed with, this girl is a beauty and she has the Newfy-lean down pat!  Just like her mom, she loves people and wants nothing but hugs, kisses and cuddles. She will roll onto her back at the drop of a hat to receive belly rubs for anyone and everyone. She's a social butterfly who loves everyone she meets!

Lou-Lou knows basic commands is very responsive to correction/direction and walks well on a leash.   She has nice house manners and is a quiet girl who is house and crate trained. She will bark when she needs to go out and sit at the door when she's ready to come in. When she's super excited she does have the pesky habit of jumping up and mashing her face into your legs. Ha ha!

She has been meeting dogs in foster care and doing well.  She found a new best friend in a Golden Retriever at one of our foster homes and showed us all what a goofy, playful girl she is!  See the video below:

For the most part she is good with other dogs but can get overstimulated when there is a lot of excitement. She is easily redirected and is not looking to cause trouble, she just doesn't know what to do with herself when too many dogs are running around like hooligans. Her foster Mom is working on reshaping her behaviour. She is ok meeting new dogs if they are calm but if they are bouncy and in her face, she does not like it. She could easily live with other calm, well-mannered dogs. She is fine with cats. Here she is meeting some dogs for the first time....

Lou-Lou has been brought up to date with her vaccines and will be spayed on July 21st.  When she entered foster care she weighed 126 lbs and needs to drop 20+ lbs to be a healthy weight. As of July 21st she was 113 lbs so the weight is steadily coming off with a good food and regular daily exercise. She will be ready to go once her spay is complete.

She is being fostered in the Guelph area.  An adoption donation of $350 applies.



July 9, 2014:  I was adopted!

Are you looking for a lovable Newf to curl up on the couch and cuddle with you?  Thelma is your girl!  This sweet landseer is friendly and affectionate, loves belly rubs, chin tickles, ear scratches and all the affection she can soak up.

Thelma and her daughter Louise arrived in our care on June 10 when their owner was no longer able to care for them.

Thelma is under assessment in foster care and is doing well so far.  She is a quiet, sensitive girl who is a little on the shy side when meeting new people  but warms up quickly and becomes fast friends with anyone who is willing to give her some snuggles.

She has nice house manners and is easy going,  follows direction well.  She knows basic commands like sit and is a gentle girl with a lovely temperament.

She fancies herself a bit of a Diva and it's clear that she is used to getting a lot of attention and being pampered, without too many rules in place.  What a princess!  She is the kind of girl who would probably have an inexperienced owner wrapped around her paw in no time.  Her gorgeous eyes and gentle little kisses are pretty irresistible and she seems quite confident in her ability to use those traits to get what she wants.  Ha, ha!   She is learning the routine and rules in her foster home and finding her place within the pack.  With an owner who won't let her walk over them, she will be a fabulous companion.

She did well meeting the 5 other dogs in her foster home and is settling in.  She could join a family with another well socialized large breed dog.  She has shown subtle indicators of a bit of possessiveness when another dog comes near her bed but responds immediately to redirection.  This is not uncommon when a foster (especially a Diva!) is put into a new environment with several other dogs.   Her foster family will be working through this with her.  She is not guarding food or toys so that's terrific, she waits nicely with the other dogs for meals and is easy to manage. 

Here she is hanging out with some dogs at her foster home (her daughter Louise was visiting that day too!)

So far Thelma has shown no interest in playing or socializing with the other dogs and she would be totally fine going to a home where she was the only pet and all of the attention could be on her.  She is far more interested in people than in dogs!

Thelma was born September 24, 2007 and is in good health.  She weighs just over 100 lbs,has now been spayed and brought up to date on vaccines and is ready to find a loving home.

She is being fostered in the Mississauga, ON area and her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person. An adoption donation of $500 applies.



Beautiful gal Kera arrived in our care on June 17th and will be getting lots of TLC to help her become healthy.  This sweet girl is suffering from horrible infections over most of her body including eyes, ears, feet and skin.  She will be on medical hold until we can get her infections under control.

Kera on intake -- her eyes, ears, feet and skin were oozing due to infections

Kera suffers from extensive hair loss over much of her body. Her skin is weepy and infected.  A combination of thyroid dysfunction, food allergies and chronic infections seem to be the culprit.

With a good scrubbing and some eye rinses she is already feeling better and headed off to the vet for a full exam and to figure out our treatment plan.  We anticipate a minimum of 4 weeks to get the fungal and bacterial infections under control and start her back on the road to good health. 

Despite feeling lousy, this wonderful girl is happy and sweet as can be!  She has been playing with toys and making herself right at home in her fabulous foster home.  She gets along well with other dogs and is a happy, friendly, lovable girl.

Kera is a purebred Newf who was born August 12, 2009.  In her short life she has already been bounced around through 4 different families.  Despite a life of instability she is a resilient girl who is  well adjusted and takes everything in stride.

Kera is being fostered in the Ottawa area.  Donations for her care are appreciated.

Foster Homes Needed!

Want to make walk time even more enjoyable? Add a foster dog to your pack!

Newf Friends is in need of foster homes in Ontario.

Summertime means that many of our volunteers are heading away on vacation so our foster homes are bursting at the seams! If you've thought about fostering, now is the perfect time to join our team. We need you!

We cover vet care and provide food and supplies, you offer love, training, and a safe environment for Newfs in need while we search for an adoptive home for them.

Contact us today to find out more about becoming a Newf Friends foster family to help us save lives! www.newf-friends.ca

*If you live outside of our catchment area, consider fostering for your local rescue. For a list of Newf Rescues across Canada visit www.newfrescue.ca and for a list of American Newf Rescues visit http://www.ncarescue.org/pages/rescuemap.html#.U5g24y-JlDo