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Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue is a volunteer run, foster home based rescue group for Newfoundland Dogs in need in Ontario, Canada.
We place Newfs into carefully screened homes in Ontario and surrounding provinces and states.

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

About Newf Friends

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If you're thinking about rehoming your Newf you can reach us by email at newf.friends@gmail.com


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If you are looking for a puppy please read our IDENTIFYING BACK-YARD-BREEDERS page, and be sure to visit our BREEDER REFERRAL page to see a list of reputable NDCC breeders who have upcoming litters.

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Sunday, December 4, 2016



Quick Adoption Overview
Arrived in our care on Dec 4/16 - on medical hold pending assessment of orthopedic issues - applications are not currently being considered

DOB May 9, 2016

All about Shadow

Shadow suffers from osteochondritis dissecans and will likely require orthopedic surgery.  We will know more over the next week or two as we move forward with his assessment and come up with a plan of action.  

We'll post updates as we have more info.  Donations towards his care are greatly appreciated.  

Friday, November 25, 2016



Quick Adoption Overview
Currently on medical hold - bilateral TPLO surgery will be done in early December
2.5 years old -- DOB Feb 10, 2014
Newf mix
Spayed, UTD Vaccines
Mollie is a fabulous dog!

Donations towards Mollie's care are greatly appreciated.  Click here for information on how to donate.

All about Mollie

Mollie is a wonderful girl with loads of love to give.  This sweet Newf mix is super friendly, adores spending time with people, loves belly rubs, chin tickles and hugs.  It is so apparent that she has known only kindness in her life. She's a charming, affectionate girl who is eager to please and just wants to be adored.

An old soul, Molly has a calm, gentle way about her.  She has excellent house manners, she is quiet and polite.  Typical of Newfs, she is a total velcro dog who follows her foster mom around and wants to lay right in the middle of everything that is happening. So cute!

She has joined a foster home with several other dogs and is very well mannered with everyone -- polite and respectful.  She isn't showing any interest in playing at this time, but we figure that once she is feeling better we'll see a change.  She has proven herself to be an exceptional farm hand at her foster home, following along as her foster family attend to their barn chores.  She's met goats and chickens and has been curious but totally respectful, laying quietly to watch them and enjoying being in on the action.  She's also super with cats, totally non-reactive.  What a goooooood girl!

How did such a fabulous dog end up in rescue?  This loving and affectionate Newf mix arrived in our care on Nov 23/16 suffering from serious issues with her knees. She is a well loved gal who has known only kindness in her life, but faced with the reality of expensive surgeries and long, difficult rehabilitation, her loving owners saw no options to save her.  They made the heartbreaking decision to euthanize Mollie.  A few hours before the scheduled appointment we were contacted to see if we would be willing to bring her into our program--how could we say no?

Mollie is a Newf mix -- her Dad apparently was a registered newf, mom a newf/shepherd mix.  She is about the size of a typical female Newf, although with lighter bone structure.  Her coat is thick, but not as long as a Newf's; somewhat similar to a short coated St. Bernard's coat.  She is deep chested like a Newf, and has gentle soft eyes.

At the moment Mollie is quite overweight. Her thyroid function is normal, so her weight issues appear to be diet/exercise related.  As mentioned, this gal was very well loved, and maybe she was on the receiving end of a few too many cookies..... We are aiming for a 30 lb weight loss goal for Mollie to get her to a healthy weight.  She is now on a healthy diet and we expect to see the pounds drop off - she's already lost a few since arriving!

Mollie has suffered an injury to both of her knees and will require surgery.  The ligament is totally ruptured in both knees, leaving her with no stability or support in her knees.  The good news is that x-rays show that her hips are ok, and she only has minor signs of arthritis in her knees and hocks.

Although she is heavier than we'd like, after consulting with our vet and orthopedic specialist the decision has been made to proceed with bilateral surgery immediately.  Mollie is in too much pain for the surgery to be postponed until she loses weight, so we will be working hard to help her drop pounds while she is recovering from surgery.  We hope to have surgery completed in the first week of December.

We anticipate that Mollie will be in our care for about 4-6 months -- her surgery will cost thousands of dollars.   We expect Mollie will make a full recovery and will have excellent mobility once her surgery and rehabilitation is complete. This young gal has a long, happy life ahead of her.  With your support she will be able to live her life to the fullest, pain-free and healthy. Please consider making a donation towards her care.

This lovely gal is being fostered in the Bancroft area.

Sunday, November 20, 2016




Quick Adoption Overview
DOB January 24, 2012
Spayed, UTD on vaccines
Good with children
Would be happiest as the only dog
Nov 1 update:  Routine bloodwork revealed that River is positive for Lyme disease.  We have begun treatment.  She is available for foster-to-adopt placement, meaning that she could join an adoptive home but we would not finalize her adoption until her treatment was completed.  Newf Friends will cover all costs associated with the treatment for Lyme disease.
Located in Toronto

River is a social butterfly who loves people and adores being the centre of attention.  She is a happy, goofy girl who loves belly rubs, hugs and kisses, being groomed and getting loads of love.

A playful girl, she loves to go for long walks and is crazy about swimming! Maybe a future water rescue dog??

She has nice house manners, knows some basic commands, and her leash manners are good.  

River was used for breeding for the first few years of her life, having multiple litters over a short time period.  She was then sold to a family in January of 2016 and lived with them until the decision was made to turn her over to us.   

This choice was made after an incident with the other dog in her home -- the two dogs were unsupervised while eating and a fight occurred.  It is not known who the instigator was or what happened.  Since the incident the tension between the dogs has been obvious and her owners felt that management of the issue was not realistic in their busy household.

River is living with another Newf in her foster home.  She seems to struggle with sharing attention/affection and would likely be happiest as the only dog in her home.  She is fine going out for walks and meeting dogs while on leash, etc. she just likes to be the centre of attention in her home.

Routine bloodwork revealed that River is positive for Lyme disease.  We have begun treatment.  She is available for foster-to-adopt placement, meaning that she could join an adoptive home but we would not finalize her adoption until her treatment was completed.  Newf Friends will cover all costs associated with the treatment for Lyme disease. Other than that, she appears to be in overall good health except for a mild ear infection which we are treating.

She is located in Toronto; her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person.

An adoption donation of $500 applies



Quick Adoption Overview
3.5 yrs old - DOB March 27, 2013
Neutered, UTD on vaccines
Suited to an adult only home
Could join a home with a well mannered canine pal
Will chase cats
Located in Toronto

Handsome boy Sulley is a friendly, people focused boy who has lots of love to give. 

Sulley is sharing his foster home with several other dogs and seems happy to be with a group of well mannered canine pals.  He could join a family with another well socialized dog.

Having lived in a rural area as an outdoor dog, Sulley is in need of some training and socialization.  He is very motivated to be with people and is happy to now be living indoors as part of a family.  This sweet boy will benefit greatly from joining an adoptive family where his owners have the time to work on obedience, give him structure and direction to help him blossom into a well mannered boy.  He is responsive and wants to please, has loads of potential, he just needs some direction and a kind hand to guide him.

He's a goofy, playful boy who is fun loving and loves to romp around and play.  So cute!

Sulley is very fortunate to be in a wonderful foster home where he is able to benefit from the support of an experienced handler to help build his confidence, expose him to new things, and work to resolve some of the habits he has picked up.  A combination of obedience classes, a structured home environment emphasizing the Nothing in Life is Free training approach, and lots of opportunities to be set up for success will go a long way towards helping Sulley thrive.  

His ideal adopters will be a family that continues on with the work that has been started with him.  Given his training needs he is best suited to an adult only home.

He is 3.5 years old, neutered and current on vaccines.  We are treating him for an ear infection. Sulley has a weak back end and is in need of putting on muscle.  We have done xrays and had him assessed by an ortho vet and he appears to perhaps have an old injury to his knee, but is not in need of surgery.  He has some arthritis in his knees, his hips look pretty good.  Moving forward, Sulley will be taking pain medication short term while we work on building up his back end.  It is expected that the pain meds will be discontinued once he is a bit stronger.  Sulley will benefit from being on joint supplements for the rest of his life.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016



October 15/16: I was adopted!

Quick Adoption Overview

2 years old - DOB January 18, 2014
Good with dogs
Good with cats, will pester them a bit though
Good with children
Located in Bancroft, ON

All about Sophie

This sweet and gentle 2 year Newf is going to make one lucky family very happy!  Sophie is an affectionate girl who loves to cuddle and be close to her foster family.  She is cute as can be and her eyes will melt your heart.  She loves being with people and bonds quickly; a typical velcro-Newf.

Sophie is a quiet girl who has nice house manners.  She knows a few basic commands and is bright and eager to please so is learning new things very quickly.  She follows direction well and responds beautifully to positive training approaches.  Her leash manners need a bit of work but she has already made tremendous improvement in the few days she has been in foster care.

Her surrendering family told us that like many young Newfs she would get herself into trouble (opening cupboards, etc) if left home unsupervised so she was crated when home alone.  Apparently she would spend 10 hours daily in her crate -- poor girl!  She has been tested loose in the house unsupervised at her foster home for short periods and other than a bit of crying, pacing and looking out the window she has been fine.  

She is very motivated to be with people and does not like to let her foster parents out of her sight.  She will be happiest in a home where she is not left long hours alone.

Sophie will benefit greatly from going to obedience classes and joining a family who have the time to work with her to boost her confidence and help her be a little more independent.

She is a gentle girl who gets along with well mannered dogs.  She is currently living with 4 other dogs in her foster home and doing well.  She was anxious when meeting them the night she arrived which is very normal, and given some space she settled quickly.  By the next morning she had warmed up to everyone and is now happily romping and playing with them, sharing dog beds and snuggling with them.  She would be happy to join a family with another  friendly and gentle dog, and will benefit greatly from opportunities to get out and meet new dogs to improve her confidence.  

Dog parks or places where strange dogs may rush her or be in her face will not be a good fit for Sophie. She will be overwhelmed in that environment.

She shows little interest in cats other than following them around a bit and sniffing them, so could join a home with a dog savvy cat.

Sophie appears to be in very good health.  She is nice and lean,  and has light bone structure weighing about 110 lbs.  She is an active girl who enjoys romping and playing.

Sophie loves long romps in the woods.  
Sophie has been vaccinated and was spayed on October 6.  She has some minor hair loss and skin irritation on her inner legs which is clearing well.  We believe food sensitivities are the culprit. She will be ready to join an adoptive family by mid-October, once she heals from her spay surgery.

Sophie is located in Bancroft, ON; her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person.  An adoption donation of $500 will apply.

Fenced yard required.

Sophie likes to swim -- here she is running to see her foster mom after an unauthorized dip in the pond!  Sneaky girl!



October 16/16:  I was adopted!

6 yr old spayed female (Born April 1, 2010)
Good with dogs
Good with cats
Good with children
Fostered in Belleville ON

All about Lucy
Lovely girl Lucy arrived on Sept 20th, with her younger sister Sophie.   Lucy is a typical velco Newf who loves to be at your side, with her tail wagging a mile a minute.

A true gentle giant, she's a happy, friendly girl, who loves affection, car rides and walk time.   She's great with other dogs, doing just fine with her foster family's cat, and loves children.  What a great catch!

Her coat was previously shaved by her surrendering family unfortunately, so she will require extensive grooming to keep it in good condition as it grows back in.

She is spayed, up to date on her vaccines, microchipped.  Lucy is a tall girl and could stand to drop a few pounds which shouldn't be a problem with proper diet and exercise.  She is currently undergoing treatment for an ear infection and is now taking supplements to help promote healthy joints.  She's a bit stiff when sitting, but with weight loss and good nutrition we expect to see big improvement soon.

She is ready to join a loving adoptive family.  She'd be a great fit for someone looking for a lower energy gal who is happy to hang out by your side.

An adoption donation will apply.

NewfStock 2016 Wrap-Up

Thank you to everyone who came out to NewfStock 2016 and made our weekend another huge success!  Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue brought in over $24,000 to go towards the care of Newfs in need.  
Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography
Photo by Lynn Neuman

The weekend started with our Friday afternoon swim date.  The weather was perfect and the dogs all had a great time splashing about in the pristine waters at Diamond Lake.
The Friday night pizza party at the Sword Best Western in Bancroft was a great chance for everyone to get together and socialize, catch up with old friends and make new ones.  On Sunday several Newfs gathered for a group hike at Vance Park.

Friends meeting up before the pizza party
Photo by Wayne Allen
The main event on Saturday was loads of fun with an action packed schedule of events.  We started the day with our big Parade which featured dogs of all breeds -- what a sight to see!

Photo by Wayne Allen
Photo by Wayne Allen

Photo by Wayne Allen
Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography

The rain held off for most of the morning and everyone had a great time playing in the games section provided by Ferghus and Co from Kinburn, ON.  (A great place for your pet, if you are in that part of the province check them out!)
Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography
Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography
Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography
Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography

Photo by Lynn Neuman
Hot dog bobbing!!!  Always a hit! Photos by Alyssa Lloyd Photography

New this year, we featured a Working Dogs booth and a Healthy Newf booth.  Volunteers answered questions about working dog activities including draft work, water rescue, therapy work, scent detection and more.  Information about the National and Regional Newf Clubs was shared to encourage participants to join their area club and get involved in working activities with their Newfs. Seminars were offered on nutrition and skin health, and loads of free product samples were given to attendees.
Photo by Lynn Neuman
Seminars this year included a new seminar on scent detection by Tami Koehle which was very popular -- it will be brought back again next year!

Kaila Abele's grooming seminar always attracts a crowd, even in the rain.  Her sweet gal Ayasha is a wonderful model!  Photos by Alyssa Lloyd Photography.

Peggy Flockhart came out to do the on-land water rescue demo -- her boy Seamus did a fabulous job showing the different components of the water test.  Such enthusiasm!



The drafting seminar by Kaila was also a big hit.  Look at how focused Ayasha is on Kaila! 
Photos by Alyssa Lloyd Photography

The Meet the Newfs booth was a popular spot for everyone to stop by and meet some of the Newfs who have come through our program.  There was an extra large crowd  when Colin and George arrived to sign copies of Free Days with George.  George was adopted through Newf Friends and is now a famous surfing dog and subject of Colin's National Best Selling book.  Talk about happy endings!
Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography
Beth and her girls pose for a photo with George and Colin
Photo by Wayne Allen
Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography
Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography
Our merchandise booth was a HUGE success this year, featuring all new garments with new designs.  Keep an eye on our website, we will be posting the new garments for sale online soon!  Our 2017 calendars were also launched and will be online shortly.

Newf Friends volunteers having a good laugh
Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography
Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography
Ty and Riley, some of our junior volunteers, working at their awesome refreshment booth
Jodie Etmanski Photography worked throughout the day to capture portraits for our 2018 calendar.  The weather may have been less than ideal, but she made it work with help from Deb!
Keeping the camera gear dry in the rain!  Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography
 Here's a little preview of some of the photos Jodie captured; so cute!
Jodie Etmanski Photography

Peter of Hannibal Kennels ran his carting aptitude event again, attracting several registrants.

Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography
The raffle booth and silent auction were a hot spot thanks to the amazing donations from our friends and supporters.  Thanks everyone!
Photo by Lynn Neuman

Mike, our MC, kept the day running smoothly and cracked lots of jokes to keep the mood light, even in the rain. 
Mike getting some love from Cava, photo by Caroline Sayer
Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography
Our musical entertainment was provided by Work'n Dawgs who once again did an awesome job and kept us all tapping our toes throughout the afternoon.  Such a great band!
Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography
New this year, the Bancroft Legion had a food booth and beer garden and they too had a very successful day. We look forward to their participation again next time!
Photo by Wayne Allen
The prize for the oldest newf went to Cubcake who turned 12 on September 13!  Cubby is seen here walking in the parade with her mom.  She was bred by Peter Maniate/Hannibal Kennels.
Photo by Wayne Allen

The Newf who traveled the farthest was Brutus who came to us from Detroit.
Photo by Debi Santavicca-Ruggeri
Brutus gets the prize for traveling the farthest

Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography
Once again, the Bergsma family collected the most pledges, over $5000 this year!  WOWZERS!!!!!  Thank you all for your incredible support.
Photo by Wayne Allen
Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us, and to our INCREDIBLE team of dedicated volunteers who make all of this possible.  What a great event!

See you again in 2018!
Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography

Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography
Photo by Wayne Allen
Photo by Alyssa Lloyd Photography