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Established in 2008.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

NewfStock 2014 Wrap-Up

What a weekend!

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers who worked so hard to pull off this fabulous event, and thanks also to our incredible supporters who came out and made the whole weekend a huge success.

The weather was lousy but that didn't dampen the spirits of our amazing supporters and friends.  
We are thrilled to announce that NewfStock 2014 brought in $26,500 for Newf Friends!!!! 

We are working on collecting photos and will add more to this post as we receive them.
The Friday swim date was well attended and as always was loads of fun for all.  The group hike on Sunday was also well attended and the gang had a fun time out at Vance Park.

Photo by Wayne Allen

The main event on Saturday was packed with demos and seminars,  vendors, our merchandise, raffle and auction booths and so much more.  The pouring rain resulted in some cancelled demonstrations, games and activities, but a fun time was still had by all.

photo by Kim Facey

photo by Ferghus & Co

Even in the cold, damp weather, the homemade lemonade tasted deeeeeeelicious!  Thank you Ty and Riley for another awesome fundraiser!  You two boys are an inspiration to us all!

Ferghus & Co
 A few Newfs and their owners braved the rain and hit the awesome course provided by Ferghus & Co.  Thank you Erica and Andrew for the fabulous course!

Ferghus & Co

Games, games and more games!  Hot-dog bobbing in the rain - why not?  Everyone was already wet anyway!

photo by Kim Facey
Joan Fisher's carting demo was superb as always.  Thank you Joan for once again doing a great job - always great to see your smiling face!
photo by Wayne Allen

Peter Maniate's carting aptitude testing booth was booked solid all day long!  Thanks to Peter of Hannibal Kennels for his expertise!
Peter's Newf Gander Bear won the prize for being the oldest Newf at NewfStock!

photo by Ferghus & Co
The kissing booth was THE place to be, everyone had a great time.  One of our MC's Michael Scott is seen here getting some love from Sisko.
photo credit - Jess from Jersey!

 WILMA! Naturally Wilma the Bloodhound (below) had to pucker up and get in on the fun!   It was no surprise when Wilma won the prize for longest ears!
photo by Ferghus & Co

photo by Wayne Allen
The park was rockin' to the tunes by Work'n Dawgs -- what a GREAT performance they put on!  Thank you to Geoff Webber and Bill Black for donating their time, talent and sound system for our event.

Mike and Ashleigh did a fantastic job as MCs, keeping the day running on time, pumping up the crowd in the pouring rain, telling us some hilarious jokes, and entertaining the park. Thank you both for keeping us laughing all day long!

Ash cheers on Muckle and family as they take the stage to accept the prize for Muckle being the tallest dog at NewfStock!

Kaila Abele is keeping warm during her grooming seminar.  Thank you Kaila for the great seminar!  Kaila's handout is available for download here.

Thank you also goes out to Dr. Kim Facey of Apsley Veterinary Services for her excellent first aid seminar, Dr. Janice Selinger from Bridle Trail Veterinary Clinic for her seminars on Skin Health and Ortho issues, and Al and Lynda McFadden from Jalynn Kennels for their seminar on health clearances.

 Visitors came from near and far.  The prize for the person who traveled the farthest went to Hannah Warren who drove up from Maine to join in on the fun!  Hannah arrived on Thursday and helped with a bunch of the prep for NewfStock and brought some fabulous donations from her bakery.  Visitors also joined us from New Jersey, Connecticut, Quebec and all across Ontario from the South Western part of the province up to Sault St Marie.

All of our visitors were generous and supportive, and the merchandise, auction and raffle booths were busy all day long.  Thank you to all of our donors who sent AMAZING raffle and auction items. We had stunning artwork, quilts, blankets, gift sets, glass work, pottery and more.  Our custom merchandise will be available for purchase through our online store later this week.

The rescue parade was wet but cheerful as we were all singing in the rain!  The Bergsma family took the prize for bringing in the most pledges, over $3200!  Way to go!   Honorable mention went to Peter Maniate who brought in over $2500 in pledges.  Thank you to everyone who sponsored our parade!

 Thanks to everyone for another successful event, and a special thank you to the fifty volunteers who put this whole weekend together, traveled far distances to help out and work so hard to help Newfs in need across Ontario.

Great job everyone!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Advance Bidding on Silent Auction Items


Can't make it to NewfStock?  No worries you can still support rescue and bid on some amazing auction pieces.  Those items that can be shipped are available for advance bidding by people who are not able to attend the big day!  There will be a lot of other items at the event, so if you are able to attend, please do!

How does advance bidding work?

You email your highest bid to us by 5 pm EST September 12, 2014 and our agent will bid on your behalf, in $5 increments.   (Full details listed below, under "The Legal Stuff".)

Here are the items available for advance bidding - bid generously, all proceeds come to Newf Friends rescue!  (Note, items marked with an opening bid have multiple bids on them already, and the current bid showing is $5 above the second highest  as we are bidding on behalf of the person who has placed the highest bid.)

Lot 1 - Morning at the Lake
Mary LaFontaine donated her stunning piece of art entitled Morning at the Lake
original acrylic painting

unframed  24 x 36 
opening bid currently at $175

Lot 2 - Newf sitting in snow
 5.5 x 8 water colour
Donated to us by artist Elizabeth Quandt
Opening Bid currently at $110

Lot 3 - Newf Standing in Snow
 5.5 x 8 water colour
Donated to us by artist Elizabeth Quandt
opening bid currently at $80

Lot 4
 Brown Quilt 34 x 40
 Made by Laurie Campbell   London ON

Lot 5
Black brown and red quilt 40 x 56
Made by Mary Kroetsch  London ON

 Lot 6
Flannel double sided blanket 42 x 49 - red
Made by Sharon McLaughlan  London ON

 Lot 7
Flannel double sided blanket 42 x 49 - blue
Made by Sharon McLaughlan  London ON

lot 8
Breda gold man's wristwatch - multi-time zone ($80 us)
Donated by Susan, Dave and Tank - Seaforth. ON
Opening bid $60

Lot 9
16 x 20
original acrylic painting
Donated by Cindy Williams of Pipeline Newfoundlands in Saskatchewan
Bid currently at $150

Lot 10
12 x 16
original acrylic painting
Donated by Cindy Williams of Pipeline Newfoundlands in Saskatchewan
Opening Bid currently at $150

 Lot 11
Newf Quilt- squares
quilt is 66 X 66
 Handmade by Marina Fitzpatrick
Opening bid currently at $305

Lot 12
Table runner 
 17 X 44 inches
 Handmade by Marina Fitzpatrick

Lot 13
wall hanging 24 X 42 - Silver
 Handmade by Marina Fitzpatrick
Current opening bid at $75

Lot 14  
tree skirt 36 X 36
 Handmade by Marina Fitzpatrick
Opening bid currently at $130

Lot 15
pillow - red 12 X 16
 Handmade by Marina Fitzpatrick
Opening bid at $105

Lot 16
Newf Quilt - diamond
quilt is 66 X 66
 Handmade by Marina Fitzpatrick
Opening bid currently at $205

 Lot 17
pillow - green 12 X 16

 Handmade by Marina Fitzpatrick
 Opening bid at $105

 Lot 18
wall hangings 24 X 42 - green and red
 Handmade by Marina Fitzpatrick
Opening bid currently at $160

Back Issues of Newf News, Newf Tide, and Newf Tide Supplements.  Bids are placed by magazine/by year.  For a full list of available back issues click here. 

 Lot 19
An 8"x10" Canvas painting of a black Newf with black painted sides ready to hang.
Artwork by Nicole Munch Sketches and Paintings.
Opening bid currently at $80


 Lot 20
 A watercolour scene of two newfs playing in the water. 9"x12"
Artwork by Nicole Munch Sketches and Paintings
 Opening Bid currently at $100

Join us at NewfStock to see other gorgeous items donated by Nicole including hand painted wine glasses, holiday decorations and a large candle holder.

Lot 21
Prepack of 6 Holiday Bibs, handmade by Marina Fitzpatrick
6 fully reversible bibs in seasonal designs.  (Image shows front and back of each bib.) Collection includes a reversible bib for each of the following 6 holidays:  Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day, Easter, Canada Day, Halloween and Christmas.

Opening Bid at $50
Lot 22
A Pair of Leaf Tickets, donated by River and her family.
Sec 311, Row 7 seats 3 and 4
Tues, Oct 14 at 7:30 pm
opening bid currently at $150
 Lot 23
Reflection of a Newfoundland - printed on metal
By Sandra Nicholson, Black Dog Barnyard Photography Studio
16x24 printed on metal
Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
opening bid currently at $405
photographer will write a personalized message on the back of the image for the winner bidder, if requested.
 Lot 24
Mali "Newfoundland" postage Stamp on wood
Authentic reproduction printed on wood
Donated by West Wind Gallery & Gifts
opening bid at $60
 Lot 25
Newfoundland Postage Stamp on wood
Authentic reproduction printed on wood
Donated by West Wind Gallery & Gifts
opening bid at $60
Lot 26
Stunning 4 corners pillow featuring a Newf in a sailor's cap
Donated by Hannah Warren
Opening bid currently at $75
 Lot 27
"Hunny Season" © by Nancy L. Gasser
Unframed print
Donated by Hannah Warren
Lot 28
"Brains, Heart, Courage" © by Nancy L. Gasser
Unframed Print
Donated by Hannah Warren

The legal stuff......

Silent Auction  Bids will be accepted by email to newf.friends@gmail.com  up until 5pm EST Sept. 12, 2014. Please state clearly the lot number, description and your HIGHEST bid....no BUY IT bids will be accepted. Please include your name, full mailing address and phone number.

The silent auction will take place on Sept 13, 2014 at Millennium Park in Bancroft, ON.

An agent will bid on the floor for the e-mail  bidders in the following manner.

a) only the top two bidders on each lot will be considered
b) the silent auction bidding will start at $5 over the second highest e-mail bid and that bid will be for the highest e-mail bidder on that lot.
c) the agent will continue to bid if necessary until the e-mail bidder is successful or their highest bid is passed by a floor bid...
d) A floor bid that matches the e-mail bidder will go to the e-mail bidder unless the floor bidder advances by one more bid
e) Only the agent will know the amount of the e-mail bids
f) If there are no e-mail bids then the bidding on that lot will begin at the minimum bid as noted in the listings.
f) All bids are in increments of $5

Terms of Sale

1. All bids are per lot as described. The right is reserved to withdraw any lot prior to the sale.The auctioneer shall regulate the bidding on the floor. The auctioneer has the right to reject any bid. In the event of any dispute his decision shall be final.

2. The highest bidder shall prevail at one advance of $5 over the next highest bidder. Tie bids shall go to the e-mail bidder unless advanced as above. There will be no buyer's premium added to the selling price.

3. Successful FLOOR BIDDERS must pick up their lots or arrange for delivery immediately after the sale. E-mail bidders will receive notification if successful. Lots shall not be sent/given to the buyer until payment has been received.

4. Shipping and handling are charged to the BUYER. Lots will be shipped by Xpresspost in Canada or Xpresspost USA to the USA.

5. Claims for errors in description must be made within 7 days after receipt. Any returns are at the buyer's expense.

6. All lots must be paid for by cash, certified cheque or bank draft in Canadian funds or via email transfer.

7. The agent bidding for an e-mail bidder WILL NOT go over their highest bid and will try to obtain the lot for less if possible.

8. The placement of a bid shall constitute acceptance of these terms of sale.