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We place Newfs into carefully screened homes in Ontario and surrounding provinces and states.
Established in 2008.

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Happy Endings 2015


Annabelle - Adopted December 1, 2015
Another happy ending!  Gorgeous gal Annabelle found a great family in the US where she will have a brother to play with and loving owners to give her lots of good care and great fun!

Noodles - Adopted Nov 29/15
 Noodles has lots of things to look forward to!  Casual strolls through the woods on her private acreage, lots of loving from her new mom who will be home with her all the time, and loads of cuddles and belly rubs! Congratulations all around on this perfect match!

Phoebe - adopted Nov 27/15
Sweet Phoebe's adoption to her foster-to-adopt family has been finalized.  Congratulation Phoebe on your awesome new life!

Maggie - Adopted November 21, 2015
Lucky girl Maggie found a fabulous home where she will have a four footed brother to play with and a loving family to give her all sorts of love and care.  Congrats!

Rosetta (aka Bear) - Adopted October 30, 2015
This lovely gal found a wonderful home where she will have an awesome 4 footed pal to romp and play with and all the loving a Newf could ask for.
Congratulations sweet girl!

Triton - adopted October 26, 2015
 Handsome fella' Triton joined a fabulous family where he will have a four footed sister Mabel, who was also adopted from us.  Lots of great experiences are in store for Triton including working dog activities!  Way to go!

Reese - Adopted October 24, 2015
Lovely Reeses Pieces (now Sadie!) was adopted by a Newf Friends repeat adopter.  She is joining her new brother Phineus (aka Junior from our program) and has so many bright days ahead of her in her loving new home.  Congrats everyone!

Vera - Adopted October 19, 2015
Beautiful gal Vera was adopted by an awesome family and joins her new sister, Faye, who was adopted from us earlier this year!  Another happy ending!

Rachel - Adopted October 16, 2015
Another happy ending, adorable gal Rachel found herself a loving family to call her own.  What a lucky girl! 

Oliver - Adopted October 11, 2015
Happy Ending # 200!
 Adorable Ollie scored himself a super family where he will get loads of love and care.
Congrats all around!

 Sox - Adopted October 8, 2015
Sox is happy to announce that she has found herself a wonderful home! Foster care was a blast, but there is nothing like having your very own family! She has a four footed brother and all the love and cuddles she could ever need. Her new family will keep up her dock diving, so she'll get to do the last competition of the season. Go Sox Go! Good things are worth waiting for!

 Angus (now Finnigan) - Adopted Sept 10, 2015
Surgery has been completed and Finn has now officially been adopted by his awesome foster-to-adopt family.  Congratulations all around!

Junior - Adopted August 21, 2015
 All healed up from elbow surgery, sweet boy Junior found himself a wonderful, loving owner who is going to give him all of the care that he deserves.  Congratulations all around!

 Fiona - Adopted Aug 21, 2015
Sweet gal Fiona's adoption was finalized after months and months of treatment for skin issues, eye surgery and more.  She found herself a wonderful, loving family and has nothign but happy days ahead!

 Bear - Adopted Aug 19, 2015
Love bug Bear joined a fabulous family State-side and will be enjoying lots of love and attention.  He's a lucky boy!

Phoenix - Adopted Aug 17, 2015
Gorgeous boy Phoenix found a great family where he will have another Saint Bernard to romp and play with, and lots of loving from the people in his life.
Congratulations all around!
Portia - Adopted July 22, 2015
 Lucky gal Portia stole her foster parents' hearts and they decided to make her a permanent addition to their family.  Congratulations Portia for hitting the jackpot!  We're so happy for you!
 Molly - placed into sanctuary care July 15, 2015
Not the happy ending we had for when Molly arrived.  This darling pup's health issues were discovered to be due to an incurable condition.  With a life expectancy of only a couple months the decision was made to keep her in foster care receiving palliative care for the remainder of her life.  Molly enjoy much love, lots of swimming and playing, and kindness in her final months thanks to her loving foster mom.
Riley - Adopted July 1, 2015
Some things are worth waiting for, like the perfect family!  Riley has finally found what he's been looking for - a great family who will give him all of the love and care he deserves. He'll also have his own 4 legged pal to romp and play with!  Congrats all around!

Katie - Adopted June 26, 2015
Newf Adoption # 190
Gorgeous gal Katie was scooped up by one of our previous adopters and volunteers and will be a great ambassador for the breed at upcoming events.  We're so happy for Katie, Sisko and family!

 Porter - Adopted April 4, 2015
Adorable, playful boy Porter found himself a super home.  Lots of great things in store for this boy!  Congrats all around!

Rufus - Adopted march 24/15
After nearly 8 months in foster care, many trips to the vet to get healthy, lots of love and TLC, sweet boy Rufus has finally joined his forever home.  He will be the constant companion of a wonderful mom and enjoy life living in Maine!  Congrats on hitting the jackpot Rufus!

 Wally - Adopted February 5/15
Wally found a wonderful family where he will have lots of love and attention, a four footed pal to play with, and receive tons of hugs and belly rubs.  Way to go Wally!

 Faye - Adopted January 18, 2015
Gorgeous gal Faye scored a fabulous family where she will get loads of attention, have 2 four footed pals to play with, lots of exercise and fresh country air, and all the love a Newf could ask for.  Congratulations Faye!

Buster - Adopted January 17, 2015
Adorable boy Buster joined a fantastic family where he will get loads of love, attention and live his life as a valued member of a wonderful family.  Congratulations all around!

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