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Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue is a volunteer run, foster home based rescue group for Newfoundland Dogs in need in Ontario, Canada.
We place Newfs into carefully screened homes in Ontario and surrounding provinces and states.
Established in 2008.

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Happy Endings 2012

2012 Adoptions

 Mira - Adopted December 15, 2012
Sweet gal Mira found a perfect home and it was love at first sight!  This gorgeous gal will be getting lots of love and care from her new mom!  Congratulations Mira!
Newfie-Boy - Adopted November 24, 2012
This hunk of Newfie love moved south of the border with a lovely family that includes his very own 10-year old boy. Oh the adventures they'll have together!

Kira - Adopted November 24, 2012
Gorgeous girl Kira joined a loving family. Nothing but good times are ahead for this lucky gal! Congrats all around!!
Grayson - Adopted November 17, 2012
This lucky boy joined a fantastic family where he'll have lots of opportunities to romp, cuddle and learn all about boating. Perfect life for a Newf!

 Sisko - Adopted November 11, 2012
Adorable boy Sisko found himself an awesome family where he will get loads of love and affection.  We're so happy for you sweet boy!
Jasmin - Adopted November 10, 2012
Lovely Jas joined a terrific family in Milton where she'll get all the kisses & hugs she can handle. She also has a laid back Bernese brother to hang out with. Perfect!

Flynn - Adopted October 28, 2012
This goofy pup moved to Michigan with a wonderful family that includes a young playful Newf brother for him to have fun with. We can't wait to see pictures and video!
Jasmine - Adopted October 1, 2012
Well worth the wait, Jasmine joined a fantastic family in Oakville who will shower her with cuddles and give her a fantastic life. Congrats Jasmine and family!
Obi - Adopted September 3, 2012
 Awesome boy Obi has found a fantastic forever home where he'll be getting loads of love and care!  Congratulations Obi!
Max - Adopted August 4, 2012
Sweet love bug Max found an awesome family who will give him lots of love and care.   He's got a great 4 footed sister to romp and play with!  What a lucky boy!
Dozer - Adopted August 2, 2012
Fun loving Dozer stole the hearts of some great Newf Friends volunteers and has been adopted into their awesome family.   He'll have lots of playmates, lots of love and will be a great foster brother to other dogs in need.  Congratulations Dozer!


Jack - Adopted July 25, 2012
Sweet boy Jack found himself a great home where he will be getting lots of love and care and all the hugs, belly rubs and kisses one newf could want!  Congratulations Jack!

Molly - Adopted July 23, 2012
Lovely girl Molly joined an awesome family where she'll be cherished by her parents and get to hang with her new brother, a laid back Golden. Congrats all around!

Harper (formerly Mahani) - Adopted June 26, 2012
This adorable girl found a fabulous family where she will have a four footed playmate to romp and play with, and lots love and care!  Way to go Mahani!
Max - Adopted June 26, 2012
Gentle giant Max hit the jackpot with his new family. He's moved all the way to his own island where he has woods, trails and water all around to swim in. He also has a new brother because his family adopted Chase too!! Awesome!!
Chase - Adopted June 26, 2012
Our 100th Newf adopted into a loving home!
Senior lovebug Chase was adopted by a super family that lives on an island. He has nothing but hikes, swimming, boat rides and cuddles in his future. And also a sweet younger brother in Max; his new family adopted them both! Yay!!!!
 Brutus - Adopted June 8, 2012
This gorgeous love bug scored himself a fantastic family south of the border!   He will be getting all sorts of  love and affection, loads of playtime, will have another four footed pal to romp and play with, a swimming pool to cool off in, and hopefully some play-dates with Rosie and Tyson who live close by!  Congratulations all around!
Bailey - Adopted June 8, 2012
Adorable boy Bailey found an awesome family to call his own.  He  will be getting loads of love and attention, and all of the belly rubs one boy could want. Congratulations sweetheart!
 Ester (aka Astrid) - Adopted June 3, 2012
Gorgeous gal Aster found a fabulous family who are going to love her and adore her.  She has an adorable brother Ernie to romp and play with and her future is looking very bright!  We're so happy for you Aster!
Harley (Valerie) - Adopted May 20, 2012 This sweet girl finally found a great home where she will get all the loving she deserves.  We wish you much happiness!
 Dakota - Adopted May 10, 2012
Beautiful girl Dakota found an awesome family where she will get lots of love and care, have a goofy brother to play with, a lake to swim in and all the belly rubs a girl could want.  Congratulations sweet girl!
 Duke - Adopted April 29, 2012
Adorable boy Duke found an awesome family where he'll get lots of love and attention and all the belly rubs a boy could want.  Congratulations Duke!
 River - Adopted April 26,2012
Beautiful girl River found her perfect family who are going to love and adore her and give her everything she deserves!  River's road to good health was a long one, but thanks to a handful of fabulous vets, the best foster family a Newf could ask for, and Team River (our generous supporters)  River is now a happy, healthy, strong girl ready to start her new life.  You can read all about River's journey here.
Congratulations River, we love you!
Tycho - Adopted April 4, 2012
When Tycho came to us he was in terrible condition; weak, emaciated & virtually no coat from scratching & chewing himself due to a year long flea infestation. Time, good food, vet care and love turned this sensitive boy around and he's finally found himself a wonderful family. Congratulations to Ty and his new family - we're thrilled for you all!!

 Turbo (aka Jack) - Adopted March 31, 2012
Lucky boy Jack found a fabulous home where he will be the center of attention and get all of the loving her deserves!  Congratulations Jack and family!


Marvin: Our 90th Newf adopted to a loving home - Adopted March 17, 2012
 Goofy boy Marvin was adopted by a great family. He has his own lake to swim in, a forest to romp in and a Golden Retriever sister to hang and play with. Congrats big boy!!

Sophie (was Chloe) - Adopted March 10, 2012
This precious pup joined a wonderful home where she has 2 Newf older sisters (including Lily adopted from us last year!)  and a fantastic family to ensure she grows into a lovely adult girl. Pssst! We've heard their room is already booked for Newfstock so we'll see her there. Yay!!

Inti - Adopted February 17, 2012
Fabulous senior boy Inti moved all the way to Minnesota to join a wonderful family who will lavish him with attention and appreciate his amazing spirit. He has a new loving Mom, other senior dogs to hang with and some cats too. Inti will be in heaven!

Tyson & Rosie - Adopted January 20, 2012
This adorable pair came to rescue together and found an awesome family to adopt them both. Thank you to their wonderful new family for opening their hearts and home to these 2 lovebugs! We honestly could not be happier for them.

Beatrice - Adopted January 26, 2012
Rescued from a puppy mill, Beatrice has shed her past and will be spending her days in the company of her new Mom and Newf sister. This gal certainly hit the jackpot and we couldn't be happier for her!

Maggie - Adopted January 24, 2012
Beautiful girl Maggie found herself a great home with awesome parents and a young Newf cross brother to play with. We're so happy for you sweetie!

 Thunder - Adopted January 21, 2012
Lucky boy Thunder was adopted by a terrific family who are going to shower him with love and give him a fantastic life!  Congratulations Thunder and family!

Precious (was Paris) - Adopted January 15, 2012
This lucky girl moved to the country to live with her parents, cats, horses and other playful dogs. Talk about paradise!! Way to go Paris!

Chloe (was Barbie) - Adopted January 8, 2012
Congratulations to this little cutie who found herself an awesome new home where she'll get lots of loving from her great new family, she'll have another newf to play with, and lots of friends nearby to socialize with.

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