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Happy Endings 2013

2013 Happy Endings

Scooby - Adopted December 29, 2013
Adoption #150
Goofy boy Scooby is starting the New Year off right with a great new family with nothing but good times ahead. Way to go!

Gwen - Adopted December 27, 2013
Pretty girl Gwen joined a terrific family with great parents, 2 canine brothers and lots of room to romp and explore. Congrats Gwennie!

Bennie (was Glenn) - Adopted December 21, 2013
Congratulations Glenn, what a great Christmas present -- a family to call his own.  Sweet boy Glenn hit the jackpot and found a great home.

Houston - Adopted December 15, 2013
Goofy lovebug Houston joined an awesome family where he'll have lots of opportunities to romp, play and run. Way to go sweetheart!

Zeus - Adopted Nov 23, 2013
Oh boy, did this fella ever hit the jackpot! Great parents, a Golden brother, horses, waterfront, acreage.... wowee!! Congrats big boy!!

 Victor - Adopted November 18, 2013
Sweet boy Victor found himself a great family -- nothing but happy days ahead for this fella!  Congratulations big guy!

Chloe - Adopted November 4, 2013
Sweet gal Chloe found her perfect family -- she'll be getting loads of attention and lots of opportunities to get out and have fun!  Congratulations Chloe!

Maggie - Adopted November 2013
Lovely gal Maggie found the perfect family -- lots of love, lots of friends, lots of space and all the care she needs.  Way to go Maggie!

Dixie - Adopted October 26, 2013
Dixie found herself her perfect family!  Lots of loving, a four footed playmate and a great life ahead of her. Congratulations all around!

Eddie - Adopted October 18, 2013
Guess who stole the hearts of his foster family?  Yep, Eddie has been adopted and will have nothing but great days ahead -- lots of romping and playing, and he'll get to be a great foster brother to other Newfs in need!

Lexi - Adopted October 3, 2013
Lovely girl Lexi will have nothing but great days ahead with her awesome new family!  Congratulations sweet girl!

 Monty - Adopted September 28/13
The perfect home is worth the wait, and Monty found his!  Adorable boy Monty was adopted by an amazing family and will have nothing but great days ahead!  Congratulations Monty!
Louis - Adopted Sept 23/13
Adorable fella Louis stole the hearts of his foster family and has been adopted by them!  Congratulations Louis!  Now this sweet boy can give back by being a great foster brother to other Newfs in need!

 King - Adopted Sept 19, 2013
Love-bug King found himself a fabulous home where he is going to get lots of hugs and kisses, belly rubs, games of tug and all the loving he deserves!  Hooray!

 Tae - Adopted Sept 18, 2013
Precious gal Tae found a wonderful family to call her own.  She will have another four footed pal to keep her company and will get lots of love in her new home.  Congratulations!

Finn - Adopted Sept 7, 2013
adoption # 135!
Gorgeous fella' Finn found a fabulous family and has moved to the US with them!  Finn can look forward to lots of happy days ahead!  Congratulations all around!

Cassie - Adopted August 13, 2013
Sweet gal Cassie joined a wonderful family where she will get all of the loving she deserves!  What a lucky girl!

Barney - Adopted August 2013
Hooray!  After several months in foster care Barney's skin issues have been resolved and he has officially been adopted by a great family.  Congratulations all around!
Maxwell - Adopted August 1, 2013
Lucky boy Maxwell found himself a great family.  He will have nothing but good times ahead of him with his fabulous new owners and his new best buddy Scout!  Congratulations all around!

 Bogart - Adopted July 26, 2013
 Handsome Bogie found himself an awesome family where he will get all of the love and care he deserves. Congratulations sweet boy, the best is yet to come!

 Molly - Adopted June 30, 2013
Gorgeous gal Molly hit the jackpot and found herself an amazing new home in Quebec with a wonderful family and a lovable sister named Izzy.  She'll enjoy quiet days complete with strolls in the the countryside, exactly what she loves!  Congratulations sweet Molly, we're so happy for you!

Bear - Adopted May 25, 2013
Lucky boy Bear joined a family that runs a doggie daycare so he'll have oodles of fun playing and hanging out with loads of other dogs; perfect for a social young guy like him. Wooot wooot!!

Caesar - Adopted May 20, 2013
Pup Caesar joined a great family who are ready for all the puppy goofiness he has to offer. His new Newfie big brother will teach him everything he knows, which includes swimming at the cottage all summer long. Awesome life for a Newf!

Murphy - Adopted May 12, 2013
Love-bug Murphy found a great family to call his own!  He's moved south of the border to join a wonderful family where he will be getting lots of TLC and continued care to help him recover from his surgery.  What a lucky boy!

 Heidi - Adopted May 11, 2013
Gorgeous gal Heidi found herself a wonderful home where she will be the center of attention and get lots of love and care.  Congratulations Heidi!

Daphne - Adopted May 10, 2013
Lovable girl Daphne found herself a great family where she will get loads of attention and care, lots of exercise and play time and all of the loving a Newf could want!  Way to go Daphne!

 Mayzie - Adopted May 5, 2013
Adorable pup Mayzie was adopted by a great family where she will get lots of loving, all of the training and care a puppy needs and she'll have a four footed pal to romp and play with.  Congratulations sweet girl!

Chance - Adopted April 14, 2013
Gorgeous gal Chance found herself a fabulous family where she will be getting lots of love and care.  Congratulations sweet girl!

Rupert - Adopted April 1, 2013
Rupert found his perfect family where he will get lots of loving, training and exercise with awesome owners.  He'll be enjoying lots of swimming and playing at his waterfront home -- a Newf's dream!  Congratulations Rupert!

Texas - Adopted February 2, 2013
Gorgeous fella' Texas found himself a great family south of the border where he's going to get all of the love and stability he needs. We're so happy for you Texas!

Moya - Adopted January 31, 2013
Goofy Moya moved south of the border to live with her fabulous new Mom and an older Newf brother. She'll enjoy hikes, dog park trips and even has her own backyard pool to swim in. Awesome!

Shultz - Adopted January 16, 2013
Congratulations to sweetheart Schultz. This lovebug joined a wonderful family where he'll receive all the lovins' he can handle. Way to go Schultzie!

Sullivan - Adopted January 5, 2013
Goofy boy Sulli found himself a terrific family south of the border.  He's got a great new sister to romp and play with and an awesome family to call his very own.  Congratulations!

Sheila - Adopted January 3, 2013
Gentle sweetheart Sheila was too good to let go.... she's joined her foster family's pack permanently and will be a wonderful foster sister to future Newfs in our adoption program. What a wonderful ending for this lovely girl!

Ashes - Adopted January 3, 2013
Lucky girl Ashes is our first adoption of the new year.  Her foster family fell in love with her and they have decided to adopt her.  Congratulations Ashes and family, we are very happy for you!

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