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Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21 -- Update

What a whirlwind the last 48 hours have been.
Hudson, the boy from the kennel is Quebec, is safely in our care, as is Hera, the pregnant husky who came with him from Quebec. His foster mom reports that Hudson is a very nice boy, friendly, social, affectionate, and so very happy to be invited indoors. He will have his doggy spa day and get all spiffed up, then some pictures of the sweetie will be posted.
Hera is also doing very well -- a bit overwhelmed by all of these new experiences (like being indoors) but coping well. She will be moved to her long term foster home tomorrow.
Isabel had her litter of pups last night. 8 of her 9 pups arrived. We have 7 Newf/Berner pups.....5 healthy boys, 2 healthy girls, and 1 pup that did not survive. The ninth pup has not arrived despite all efforts, so x-rays will be taken today to determine if it is stuck, and an emergency c-section performed if needed. Updates will follow.
Yesterday Ella had her follow-up appointment after her amputation surgery last week and got a positive report -- she will receive her booster vaccines next week and be ready to be adopted right away. Applicants will be interviewed on Monday.
Misty will join her new foster home tomorrow, hanging out with Hudson, and more pictures and details will come later this weekend.
Our 2010 Calendars are ready to go...details will be posted this weekend for online ordering.