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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adopter Update - Sam gets a Cart

Well despite Sam’s much less than stellar performances at beginner draft classes, he has become the proud owner of his own cart. I am fortunate to have a very a accomplished craftsman for a neighbour, who loves a challenge and is so good to me & my dog. He built this cart from verbal descriptions and bits and pieces I could find on the internet.

No-one who was at the draft classes would have recognized him tonight. Despite Sam’s extremely bad and embarrassing behaviour at or beginner draft classes.......like ending up in the pond, charging at other dogs while all harnessed up, he suddenly seemed to remember some of the things we learned at class when we hitched him up tonight. Hopefully he has gotten over his latent teenage rebellion!!!!!!

Sam’s new cart!!!!!

Ash handles, butternut box and wheelchair wheels!

Beginning the fitting with Brian, my good neighbour and master craftsman who made the cart.

(Yes Sam had a splash in the pond before we hooked him up :)

Still fitting!!!!

Sam – “What are you doing to me now?”

Standing patiently.

Ooh, I’m so handsome & lovable when I behave!!!!

First trial with the cart – now we can install the brakes on the shafts after observing the whole picture & fit.