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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Adopter Update: Marvin

An update from goofy boy Marvin, who was adopted in March 2012:

Hanging at his new home, check out "his lake" in the background!

Hi folks!

Marvin's doing fantastically.  I'm off for about 3 months so it works out great. He's out practically all day with Lily running around, tracking, chasing, but never catching chipmunks.  The two of them almost had a couple of rabbits with Lily stalking them like a friggin cat, and of course Marvin making the not so stealthy move to "pounce".  It was too funny!!!

Nom, nom... chewing on my bone
He's been in the lake quite a bit, but right now seems to come out dirtier than when he went in.... he follows Lily everywhere, does everything she does. He just loves giving her kisses, he just walks up to her and licks the side of her face..... so cute!!!! It's too funny when he's getting in trouble, he barks and moans (just like a teenager talking back), it's hilarious... you just have to remember not to laugh at him because he's learning a lesson. He's just a GREAT dog!!!

Marvin and his "sister" Lily

I've sent a few pictures from a few weeks ago.  I'll send you some of him "fishing" with Lily, right now it's Snapping Turtle mating season so the dogs can't go in ... not with 2 foot snappers all over our shore line....

Thanks again for such a wonderful boy!!

Kelly and family