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Thursday, April 18, 2013


# 2013-006

May 5, 2013: Mayzie has been adopted!

Say hello to Mayzie, an adorable Newf pup who is looking for a fabulous family to call her own.

Mayzie was born on December 27, 2012 so is just a few months old and is cute as a button.  She has a lovely temperament and is calm, quiet and lovable.   She is a young pup and has much learning to do, but in the hands of the right owner she will blossom into a well trained, well socialized dog.

Mayzie  arrived on April 17 and was immediately taken to the vet for care.  On intake she was extremely thin, weighing only 18 lbs compared to the normal 30-40 lbs a Newf pup of her age should weigh.  Treatment has been given for parasites and she has been put on a good healthy diet.  Now that her nutritional needs are being met properly we expect her to start putting weight on quickly.  She has been steadily gaining weight and is thriving in foster care.

Like the vast majority of dogs in rescue, this little sweetheart was bred by a BYB (backyard breeder).  In addition to failing to meet Mayzie's nutritional needs, this puppy producer also failed to take care in placing Mayzie into the right home.  Sweet Mayzie was sold to an inexperienced buyer who simply was not prepared for the tremendous responsibility of raising a Newf pup.  Within a few days of buying her this caring owner realized she did not have the time, space or knowledge to properly care for Mayzie.   The pup was turned over to Newf Friends where great care will be taken to find her the perfect family.  This was the most responsible choice Mayzie's owner could have made.

Mayzie's ideal family will be active people who have the time and skills to properly train and socialize a puppy.  Preference will be given to families with previous giant breed experience.

Mayzie is very playful with other dogs and ideally she will join a family with another well mannered and well socialized dog.

Mayzie has received her shots and been dewormed.  Due to her young age she has not yet been spayed.  She will be adopted with a strictly enforced non-breeding contract and a spay contract in place.

Mayzie is being fostered in Pickering.  Her adoptive family will be required to pick her up in person. 

An adoption donation of $800 applies.  We will offer a partial rebate upon proof of spay at the agreed upon age.

Unless otherwise stated at the beginning of this bio, Mayzie is still available for adoption.  Please do not send emails asking if she is still available.   To be considered for adopting Mayzie please submit a completed adoption application and return it to us to begin the screening process.  The application is available for download on the Contact Us page of this website. A securely fenced yard is required. 

Mayzie is brown and white.  Mayzie came from a BYB who produces off-standard Newfs with respect to colour.   This puppy producer is exactly the type of "breeder" we warn families to avoid.  Breeders who ignore the breed standard, fail to offer proper vet care and nutrition to their pups, and fail to properly screen their purchasers are the reason why so many Newfs end up in rescue.  To learn more about identifying BYB read our article which you can find here.