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Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue is a volunteer run, foster home based rescue group for Newfoundland Dogs in need in Ontario, Canada.
We place Newfs into carefully screened homes in Ontario and surrounding provinces and states.
Established in 2008.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

National Volunteer Week

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April 6 - 12, 2014 is National Volunteer Week -- a time to show appreciation for all of the volunteers who give their time to make their communities a better place.  

It takes a team to run a rescue and here at Newf Friends we are fortunate to have a truly phenomenal group of volunteers.   Thank you to each and every one of you!

If you'd like to get involved with Newf Friends we'd love to hear from you!  There's lots of ways to help out so you don't need to jump in with both feet if you're more of a stick-your-toe-in-the-pool kind of person.

A few key areas we always need help with:

1. Foster Homes - short or long term - this is our greatest need. Most of all we need fosters who offer home-like settings and a structured environment. This can be a home with or without other dogs.
2. Fundraising -- we need help with fundraising in any capacity. We are not only looking for people to help out with this but we need someone to fill the role of Fund-raising Coordinator--overseeing all fund raising initiatives.

3. Home visit volunteers -- we always need people who can do a home assessment for us to assess potential adopters across the province

4. Help with transport - this could be driving a Newf to the vet, picking a newf up from a surrendering family and bringing them to a foster home, or helping with a leg of transport across the nation. Whatever you can manage.

5. Intakes/Assessments -- this would involve meeting with a surrendering family and assessing/possibly picking up the dog and all of the paper work involved with that.

6. Behavioural assessment/training -- any pros out there who can spare some time?

7. Photographers -- sometimes the dogs are too far away for me to go and photograph them so we need volunteers in different areas who are skilled at capturing the perfect petfinder picture. You would need to be able to visit foster homes to take pictures of
dogs. Not all of our foster families have cameras!

8. Reference checks -- We need volunteers to check personal and vet reference of potential adopters.

9. Writing a newsletters, articles and more.

10. Anything else you can think of -- we always need help!

So please, if you have been thinking about helping rescue but are not sure of what to do to help, drop us a line and let us know you are available -- we'll find something for you to do!  Our volunteer and foster applications can be found at http://newf-friends.blogspot.ca/p/contact-us.html