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Saturday, July 26, 2014



Update:  Dec 12/14:  With heavy hearts we say farewell to Savannah.   Last night she went into cardiac arrest and could not be saved.  Thank you to her amazing foster mom who went above and beyond to provide exceptional care for Savannah over the last few months. Savannah knew much love in her last few months, and her days were filled with kindness and care,  and for that we are forever grateful.
A very special home is needed for this very special girl.  Do you have room in your heart for this loving and friendly special needs Newf?

Gorgeous gal Savannah arrived on July 25 and is doing well in foster care.  She previously lived as a kennel dog and she has adjusted very well to life as an in-home companion, soaking up all of the attention she can get.  She has lovely house manners and is great company for someone looking for a quiet, easy going girl.

Savannah was born August 24/05 so is  9 years old.  She is a friendly an playful girl who loves to carry toys around!  How cute!  She has a twinkle in her eyes and the friendliest woo-woo we've heard!


Savannah gets along with well mannered dogs in small doses and has spent time with many dogs in foster care.  However, she prefers to be the only dog in her home and she is not suited to sharing a home with another dog. A family where she will be the center of attention is best for her.


Health wise, sweet Savannah has some issues that her adoptive family need to be aware of.  Other than some regular checks to monitor her condition and some meds to keep her comfortable there is not a lot involved in managing her health.

On Nov 1/14  she underwent emergency surgery to remove her eye due to sudden onset glaucoma.  The pathology report showed that the glaucoma was a result of Goniodysgenesis which means that the fluid in her eye was unable to drain properly. Unfortunately this condition will eventually affect her right eye and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. The estimate is anywhere from a few months to 2 years so paws are crossed that she is on the longer side. At last check the eye pressure in her right eye was low-normal which is really good.  She will require simple pressure checks every few months to monitor her right eye.  Savannah has adjusted to the loss of her eye quickly, and we think she's still as pretty as ever!  Wouldn't you agree?

Savannah has mild subaortic stenosis but appears to be compensating well with it. No cardiac meds have been recommended by our cardiologist, which is good news.

Her kidney levels are off a bit and she is not concentrating urine well.  An ultrasound of her kidneys showed no issues.  We are working on adjusting diet to see if that makes a difference. Results will be known mid December.  We expect that this can be managed by diet.

She has bilateral elbow dysplasia and her hocks are a bit wobbly.  She can get around well but is best suited to a home without a lot of stairs.  A couple steps are fine. She takes gabapentin and tramadol daily to ensure she is comfortable.  We are not using an nsaid due to her kidney values.

She has not yet been spayed but will be very soon and will be ready to join an adoptive home once that is complete.  She should be ready to go around Christmas time.

 Do you think you can offer Savannah a  loving home where her health issues will be monitored and she can live out her golden years as a companion by your side?  Since she is a senior and has some health issues our adoption donation has been waived -- we ask instead for a donation of your choice.  Because of Savannah's need for a very special adopter, we will consider homes a bit further than our usual 5 hour limit.

 Savannah is being fostered in Mississauga, ON area, her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person.  To be considered for adopting Savannah, or any other Newf from Newf Friends please complete the adoption application found here and email it back to us.