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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Draft work with your Newf

The Newfoundland Dog breed has a rich history of working abilities including both water rescue and draft work.  Newfs played an important role in the lives of the residents in their native province, particularly fishermen whose dogs helped by hauling their fishing nets in from sea.  Once on shore, the dogs were then hitched to wagons or carts to take the fish to market.  The dogs also helped around their owner's homes hauling loads of firewood and supplies.

National and Regional Newfoundland Dog Clubs around the globe work to preserve the natural working dog abilities of the breed and promote this heritage by offering workshops and seminars on draft work as well as draft tests.

2008 NDCC National Specialty Draft Dog Test
photo by Black Dog Barnyard

As the holiday season approaches many regional clubs participate in Christmas tree pulls, a fun activity for the entire family.  We recently posted a link on our Facebook page to this excellent article from the Newf Club of America on how to modify your dog's cart for carrying a Christmas tree.  The photo (shown below) that accompanied the article shows a happy, healthy 4 year old newf pulling a tree on a wagon.

Photo from the NCA facebook page

Many of us have enjoyed participating in draft work with our Newfs and know first hand that a correctly balanced cart and properly fitted harness ensures that the dog is not bearing the weight on its body. 

Participating in draft work is a great way for Newf owners to build a stronger bond with their dog, to learn a new useful skill, and to preserve the heritage of the breed we love.  To learn more about draft work and upcoming seminars and tests in your area, or to join in on Christmas tree pulls or parades contact your regional Newfoundland Dog Club.

In the Newf Friends area there are two clubs:
Central Ontario Newf Club
South Eastern Ontario Newf Club

For a full list of  regional clubs across Canada visit the Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada website

For information about regional clubs across America visit the Newfoundland Club of America website

In the UK visit the Newfoundland Dog Club UK's website

2008 NDCC National Specialty Draft Dog Test
photo by Black Dog Barnyard

For more information about Working Dog activities visit the Newf Club of America website which is an excellent resource for all things Newf!

2008 NDCC National Specialty Draft Dog Test
photo by Black Dog Barnyard