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Tuesday, October 13, 2015



Quick Adoption Overview
6 years old
No children under 8 yrs - he's a goofy, excitable boy!
Suitable match for a well mannered canine playmate
Fenced Yard Required
Located in Mississauga, ON

All About Kodi
Adorable fella' Kodi is a real sweetheart who will make one lucky family very happy.  Kodi thrives on attention and is a goofy boy who wants nothing more than to be loved.  He seeks out the company of people and would love a nice calm, quiet family to spend his time with.

Kodi knows basic commands and has good house manners.  He is a sensitive boy who feeds off of the energy around him and in calm, quiet settings he is mellow and relaxed.  In busy and hectic situations he does not settle as easily.  He'd be a good choice for a home where there are not a ton of people coming and going all the time. 

He is an enthusiastic boy who sometimes has moments where he can be a little excitable.  Thanks to the hard work of his foster mom he has learned all about sitting nicely when meeting new people and containing his enthusiasm when excited.

Kodi takes obedience classes and has recently earned his Canine Good Neighbour title!  What a good boy!  An owner who is looking to work a dog in activities like this will be perfect for Kodi -- he loves to work, learn and please his handler.  Have a look at this video of him showing off his Rally-O skills!

Here he is practicing his sit-stay and down-stay. Way to go Kodi!

Kodi has been introduced to well mannered dogs and has been good with them one-on-one.  He is appropriate in his greetings, likes to play and takes cues well.  He can be overly enthusiastic with his play style so is best suited to a playmate who is well socialized and plays well with other dogs.  Here he is playing with his foster sister...so cute!


When in more stimulating environments with multiple dogs he easily becomes overstimulated and forgets his manners.   Retraining is ongoing in foster care and this will be a work in progress for Kodi -- he is making great progress!  A home where he will be expected to go to dog parks is not a good match for him.


Born August 31, 2009, this 6 year old fella is neutered and utd on vaccines and appears to be in good health. He is CKC registered from well known and well respected lines.  His breeder is retired and no longer in a position to take Kodi in but is available to be part of his adoptive family's support network once he is matched to a good home.

He is being fostered in the Mississauga, ON area.  His approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person. An adoption donation of $500 will apply.

To be considered for adopting a dog through Newf Friends please complete our adoption application found here and email it back to us to begin the screening process.