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Saturday, January 2, 2016


February 5, 2016: I was adopted!

This gorgeous girl is a real gem.  Rigi has excellent house manners, knows her commands, is super friendly, loves everyone she meets, gets along well with other dogs, and she's cute as a button.  What a great catch!

This beautiful 4 year old Saint Bernard comes from a loving family who came to us for help with rehoming Rigi becasue they are relocating and she is not able to accompany them.  Rigi has been well loved and cared for her entire life, and it shows -- she is a happy, healthy, well mannered dog.

Rigi is pronounced Ree-ghee and is the local name for the largest mountain in a range in the Swiss Alps close to the Saint Bernard Pass and is known as “the Queen of the Mountains.” 

Rigi is used to living in the country and enjoys spending time with her family.  A very people focused girl, she loves to get loads of attention and care.  She is very fond of children and could join a family with older kids (she's a bit too big and clumsy to live with very young children!) She has always had someone home with her through the day and would be happiest joining a family where she is not left alone for long hours.   A few hours at a time would be fine though.

A big, bouncy, playful girl, Rigi plays nicely with other dogs and could happily join a family with an equally well mannered playmate.  She has not lived with a cat since she was a pup, but is not highly prey driven and should be fine joining a family with a dog savvy cat.

Rigi knows her basic commands, her off lead recall can be a little slow (yep, she takes her time) but overall she follows commands well.  She is used to being walked off lead at her home, but does have good leash manners after a brief moment of excitement when she first gets her leash put on.  She travels well in the car and uses a ramp to get in and out.

Rigi has been spayed, her vaccines are current, she has received regular vet care throughout her life, and appears to be in very good health.  She was born on April 21, 2011.  She weighs 130 lbs and is 4 years old.

While we search for an adoptive family, Rigi will continue to live with her surrendering family in the Midland, ON area.  Her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person.  An adoption donation of $500 to Newf Friends applies.