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Wednesday, September 21, 2016



October 15/16: I was adopted!

Quick Adoption Overview

2 years old - DOB January 18, 2014
Good with dogs
Good with cats, will pester them a bit though
Good with children
Located in Bancroft, ON

All about Sophie

This sweet and gentle 2 year Newf is going to make one lucky family very happy!  Sophie is an affectionate girl who loves to cuddle and be close to her foster family.  She is cute as can be and her eyes will melt your heart.  She loves being with people and bonds quickly; a typical velcro-Newf.

Sophie is a quiet girl who has nice house manners.  She knows a few basic commands and is bright and eager to please so is learning new things very quickly.  She follows direction well and responds beautifully to positive training approaches.  Her leash manners need a bit of work but she has already made tremendous improvement in the few days she has been in foster care.

Her surrendering family told us that like many young Newfs she would get herself into trouble (opening cupboards, etc) if left home unsupervised so she was crated when home alone.  Apparently she would spend 10 hours daily in her crate -- poor girl!  She has been tested loose in the house unsupervised at her foster home for short periods and other than a bit of crying, pacing and looking out the window she has been fine.  

She is very motivated to be with people and does not like to let her foster parents out of her sight.  She will be happiest in a home where she is not left long hours alone.

Sophie will benefit greatly from going to obedience classes and joining a family who have the time to work with her to boost her confidence and help her be a little more independent.

She is a gentle girl who gets along with well mannered dogs.  She is currently living with 4 other dogs in her foster home and doing well.  She was anxious when meeting them the night she arrived which is very normal, and given some space she settled quickly.  By the next morning she had warmed up to everyone and is now happily romping and playing with them, sharing dog beds and snuggling with them.  She would be happy to join a family with another  friendly and gentle dog, and will benefit greatly from opportunities to get out and meet new dogs to improve her confidence.  

Dog parks or places where strange dogs may rush her or be in her face will not be a good fit for Sophie. She will be overwhelmed in that environment.

She shows little interest in cats other than following them around a bit and sniffing them, so could join a home with a dog savvy cat.

Sophie appears to be in very good health.  She is nice and lean,  and has light bone structure weighing about 110 lbs.  She is an active girl who enjoys romping and playing.

Sophie loves long romps in the woods.  
Sophie has been vaccinated and was spayed on October 6.  She has some minor hair loss and skin irritation on her inner legs which is clearing well.  We believe food sensitivities are the culprit. She will be ready to join an adoptive family by mid-October, once she heals from her spay surgery.

Sophie is located in Bancroft, ON; her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person.  An adoption donation of $500 will apply.

Fenced yard required.

Sophie likes to swim -- here she is running to see her foster mom after an unauthorized dip in the pond!  Sneaky girl!