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Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue is a volunteer run, foster home based rescue group for Newfoundland Dogs in need in Ontario, Canada.
We place Newfs into carefully screened homes in Ontario and surrounding provinces and states.
Established in 2008.

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Happy Endings 2011

 Alex - Adopted December 29, 2011
Guess who finally found his forever home!  Handsome boy Alex found a perfect family where he will get all sorts of love and care and lots of opportunities to blossom into the awesome boy that we all know he is!  Congratulations Alex, we're so happy for you!

Delaney (was Gloria) - Adopted December 19, 2011
Sweet girl Delaney stole the hearts of her foster family and they have adopted her!  Congratulations Delaney and family we're so happy for all of you! 

 Merlin - Adopted December 17, 2011
Lucky boy Merlin landed himself a great family where he will have lots of loving, a sister to romp and play with, and a family to love him.  Congratulations Merlin and family!

 Katie (now Zoe) - Adopted November 22, 2011
This stunning girl found a fabulous home in Newf paradise - the Laurentian Hills in Quebec where she will get all the love and attention she deserves.  She's got two awesome parents, and will have lots of play dates with all of the other dogs in her neighbourhood.  She'll be spending her days hiking in the woods and living the good life.  Congratulations all around!

Grace - Adopted November 19, 2011
Adorable girl Grace found herself a terrific family south of the border where she will get lots of playtime with her new four footed sister, and loads of love from her new family. Congratulations Grace!

 Yogi - Adopted November 19, 2011
Hooray for Yogi!  This handsome boy found an awesome family who will give him lots of loving, hugs, belly rubs and cuddling one boy could want.  Congratulations Yogi and family!

 Duke - Adopted November 10, 2001
Oh Duke you lucky boy!  This lovable fella' stole the hearts of his foster family and he has been officially adopted by them.  Duke gets to enjoy lots of loving from them and will be able to be a foster brother to other rescues!  Congratulations everyone!

Chewy - Adopted October 15, 2011
Goofy puppy Chewy joined his new family, which includes 2 awesome parents and 2 year old big brother Dylan the Lab cross. His new home is right on the water and he'll have his very own beach and woods to romp through. Awesome!!

Otis - Adopted October 7, 2011
Big boy Otis joined a wonderful family where he has a great human "brother" and a super canine brother to hang out with. Nothing but cuddles, long walks and swimming in this gorgeous guy's future. Congrats everyone!!

Pandora - September 2011
This adorable little monkey stole the heart of her foster family and will be joining them as a permanent member of their pack.  Congratulations everyone!

Jade - Our 70th Newf placed into a loving home --Adopted September 24, 2011
Well worth the wait, sweet girl Jade found her perfect match,  a loving family of three, plus her very own Newf sister!  Congratulations all around! 

Luke -  Adopted September 6, 2011
We could not be happier for this handsome guy! Luke moved to New York to join a wonderful family of four where he'll be loved and cherished forever. Way to go Luke!

 Geordie (aka Rocky) - Adopted August 15, 2011
Geordie's adoption was made official today, after he got the "thumbs up" from the vet at his follow-up appointment from having cruciate surgery.  This little darling has joined a great family with his brothers Ozzie and Sampson, who was adopted from us a few years ago! 
Congratulations to the whole family!

Luna - Adopted August 4, 2011
This lovable girl found herself an awesome family to love her and give her all the time and attention she needs.  Congratulations Luna and family!

Higgins - Adopted August 1, 2011
Oh boy did this lovely guy ever hit the jackpot! Adopted by a super family in London, Higgins will be cherished by his new parents and sister Briar, a Great Dane. Dog park trips, long walks and more cuddles than he'll know what to do with - you deserve it Higgins!

Mariah -  October 29, 2001-July 23, 2011
Not the happy ending we had hoped for, but in her final moments Mariah was surrounded by love, as she had been her entire life.  Mariah passed away of natural causes while in foster care. We are glad to have been able to be there for Mariah in her final few months. She is sadly missed.

Tabitha - Adopted July 17, 2011
This gorgeous gal was adopted by a wonderful family from Quebec. She'll enjoy long walks, a pool and her new Mom works from home. Plus she'll have 2 human brothers and an awesome canine brother named Teddy. If that's not great enough, the family also adopted Emily, a HART Beagle that was in foster care with her. What a great ending!!
Jazz - Adopted July 3, 2011
This gorgeous girl moved to the country outside of Orangeville, joining a wonderful family of five. She'll enjoy acreage, a river, going to work with Mom, horses and a friendly Lab brother. Congrats beautiful Jazzy Jets!!
Nahla - Adopted June 24, 2011
One of our goofiest girls ever, gorgeous 1 year old Nahla joined a wonderful family in Nepean. She'll spend her days wrestling with her 2 new canine sisters, snuggling with her human sisters and of course making her new parents laugh. Good times ahead for all!
Buttercup - Adopted June 24, 2011
This sweet little girl moved to an idyllic farm in Caledon where she'll enjoy horses, fields, parents that work from home and the company of her new brother, a laid back Lab named Levi. A perfect setting for this lovebug!
Larry - Adopted May 29, 2011
Congratulations Larry on finding an awesome home where you will get lots of love and attention and be able to finally call a family your own.  We're happy for you sweet boy!

Star - Adopted May 22, 2011
Just 4 days after entering foster care, this beautiful gal was adopted by a lovely lady who saw the sweetness in her eyes. She will live out her senior years being fussed over, loved and cared for like she deserves. We love you sweetheart!

Ace - Adopted May 17, 2011
Oh, Ace you lucky boy!  This sweet love bug is all healed up and feeling great, and has now joined a wonderful family in southern Ontario.  He is going to get lots of love and care in his fabulous new home.  Lots of stuffed ducks for you Ace!  Congratulations big guy!

Penelope - Adopted May 9, 2011
This girl came to us severely underweight, unsocialized and needing surgery to correct bilateral cherry eye. She left us for her wonderful new life 20 lbs heavier, eyes fixed, spayed and well on her way to becoming a confident and happy dog. Her new family includes a boisterous young Newf named Angus who will become her best friend in no time we're sure. Congrats goofy girl!!

Maggie - Adopted April 12, 2011
Oh Maggie, you lucky girl!  This gorgeous gal hit the jackpot and scored herself an adoring family, lots of brothers to romp and play with, and all the loving and care she deserves.  Congratulations beautiful Maggie, we're so happy for you and your new family!

Harley - Adopted April 10, 2011
This lucky fellow moved way up North to live with his wonderful new family. He's become a country boy with lots of room to romp, relax and be spoiled by his awesome new parents and siblings. We are so happy for him!

Molly - Adopted April 6, 2011
Fabulous Molly finally found her perfect family! Her future includes long walks, cuddles, one-on-one attention and an overload of love (which she will be more than happy to pay back in kind!). We're thrilled for you Molly!

Bella - Adopted March 23, 2011
This lucky girl landed herself a wonderful family where she will be the center of attention!  Congratulations Bella on finding yourself a fabulous family who will give you all of the love and care you deserve.

Lily - Adopted March 12, 2011
Beautiful Lily joined her wonderful family and she nothing but great things in her future; loads of fun, long walks, cuddling with her parents and wrestling with her new sister Molly. Congrats Lily... you deserve the very best and you've found it!
Harry - Adopted March 5, 2011
This sweet boy found a fantastic family who will give him all sorts of loving.  Not only will he have great parents who will adore him, but he will have a very special sister to romp a play with, Anna, adopted from Newf Friends last year.  The two of them hit it off and no doubt will be best buds!
Harry came to us in very rough shape but has really come around.  Read all about his rescue journey here.

Mackenzie - Our 50th Newf adopted - Adopted February 22, 2011
This lucky girl charmed her way into her foster family's heart and home forever. They said they could not imagine life without her so made her a permanent member of their family. Her 2 Golden brothers and cat sister are overjoyed too! Nothing but good times ahead for this special girl!

 Poppy- Adopted February 12, 2011
This pretty girl moved to the country with an active family that enjoys all things outdoors. She'll have acres of woods to romp in, a lake to swim in and has already been enrolled in obedience class. Lucky gal!

 Bear - Adopted February 8, 2011
Lovebug Bear joined a wonderful family in Eastern Ontario. They were so excited and could hardly wait to get him home to begin fawning over him 'cause Bear loves cuddles! So happy for you sweet "Bearie"!

 Charlie - Adopted January 22, 2011
Lucky Charlie moved to Oshawa! This happy boy has found his perfect home with an active family that loves the outdoors and a new sister Sophie, a 2 year old Golden Retriever who LOVES to play and wrestle. It literally was love at first sight!

 Ruby - Adopted January 20, 2011
This sweet girl hit the jackpot with a fabulous family!  She will have great parents, 3 awesome kids to snuggle with, and another adorable Newf sister named Koda to romp and play with.   What a lucky girl to find the perfect family to call her own!  Congratulations Ruby and family!

Monsieur Plume (aka Jake) - Adopted January 10, 2011
Happy New Year and even happier new life for this lovebug! He's moved all the way to Massachusetts, where he'll enjoy the good life forever with his new parents, siblings and even a 4 footed sister named Clara. Way to go Jake!