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Saturday, January 15, 2011


ID # 3605


Meet Harold, an 8 month old pup that is full of love and an absolute sweetheart! Harry arrived in our care on January 13, 2011 and has been receiving treatment for severe skin infections, and making great progress, and now is ready to find his perfect adoptive home.

He came to us as an owner surrender when they were unable to continue trying to find a diagnosis and treatment plan for his chronic skin issues. They had sought the help of other rescue organizations, but neither group would help them. Fortunately we learned of their desperate situation and within a few hours of contact with them we had a volunteer out to pick up Harry and begin treatments.

With the excellent care of Dr. Janice Selinger, Bridle Trail Veterinary Clinic in Markham, ON we have Harold on the road to recovery.

Harold on intake - severe skin issues

Harold looked like he has demodectic mange, but multiple scrapings all came back negative. He was free of fleas, lice or other suspects. Sarcoptic mange(scabies) was ruled out also. Skin biopsies were done to determine what type of infection he has and the results show changes consistent with allergic disease.

Suspecting that diet played a significant role in his skin and leg issues, we have put him onto a grain free, fish based diet of Orijen which should produce good results quickly. He responded quickly, his hair growing in, and his skin improving dramatically. In just one month he has made incredible progress.

Itchy and uncomfortable when he arrived, he was scratching himself and crying. A bath with medicated shampoo has brought some relief and hopefully allergy pills and antibiotics will get his condition under control and bring him more relief quickly. Here's a video of him after his bath. Goofy boy!!

His weight was 74 lbs at intake, but he has gained several pound since then. He is a typical gangly pup. His heart sounds good.

He shows no obvious signs of hip issues or cruciate injuries, however he was severely down on pasterns and his feet were quite splayed. This is often caused by nutritional issues, and with proper diet we have seen vast improvement already. His legs are straightening up and he is looking good! He is no longer down on pasterns, and his feet have tightened up considerably!

Temperament wise, Harold is a wonderful boy. He is friendly, gentle, affectionate, and a pleasure to be with. He was extremely tolerant of all of the poking and prodding done at the vet clinic and easily charms his way into the hearts of everyone he meets. He is eager to please, and easy going. He loves affection, is mild mannered and an absolute doll.

Training has begun in his foster home to introduce him to leash walking and basic obedience. He is doing well. A typical pup he will find trouble if not supervised, but that is to be expected. He is an easy going boy, and will make one special family very happy.

He is getting along well with the other dogs he has met since arriving in our care and is very well suited to living in a multi-dog household and could be considered for adoption into a home with other pets, including cats. He has fun going on play dates and is a happy, goofy boy.

Here he is playing with some dogs in foster care. (He's the bigger dog with the blue collar)

Harry is now ready to join a loving family. He may continue to have some allergic reactions but with proper diet this seems to be totally manageable. If you would like to be considered for adoption Harry, please complete an application. An adoption donation of $500 applies.

Donations are always welcomed to help cover the cost of medications and care for Harry and other dogs in ourprogram. To donate please visit HART's Canada Helps page and when making your donation state in the message section that the donation is for the Newf Friends Fund.