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Friday, March 11, 2011

Adopter Update - Sampson

Hey Sandra!
Just dropping you a note to let you know how we are....
As you might remember, we moved to our cottage – which is now our home! – here in Haliburton, this past fall. We love it! And more importantly the boys love it!

Sampson & Ozzie have been having a ball with the weather and the freedom. Sam has finally become ‘himself’. He likes the fact that he can go & come as he pleases (although he does prefer to be with me). Our property is contained with an ‘Invisible Fence’, and he has respected it since it was installed in summer of 2009. This means he has the relaxed freedom of knowing where his boundaries are and has settled very comfortably into that. We also go for very long walks into the bush (or on the lake) each day, so there is lots of investigating going on each day. They are both also very good ‘car’ dogs. We take them almost everywhere with us.

Ozzie has taught Sammy how to wrestle properly, how to play tug (before, Sammy would only play tug with a human, not with another dog), and how to play together with a toy, stick or ball. Ozzie is a very patient teacher for being so young!
I don’t know if you remember me telling you that Sammy couldn’t swim – he sank! So we had to put a lifebelt around his back end so it would float! He wasn’t too crazy about that idea, but tolerated it so he could join in the fun. We have a low raft with a ‘dog ramp’ attached so the dogs can easily get out of the water up to the raft. Well in the fall, he showed us he could swim....he swam after a couple of playful otters who were teasing him just offshore. He was very proud of himself when he came out! So I guess he won’t need his lifebelt anymore!
Sammy has been an absolute joy to have. Previously I had only had German Shepherds – 7 in total. The Newfies are a breed that fit into our lifestyle now – but I would never have thought that. Ozzie, who is Newf/Retriever was the catalyst that changed us for good. Watching the changes in Sam as he gains confidence and relaxes into our home has been so rewarding. He definitely had ‘issues’ when we first began, but time and patience (and Ozzie!) have really brought out his natural personality. They both make us laugh every day!
I am home all the time now. When we moved up here, I left my part-time job in the city. So I get to spend lots of time with them. They both have birthdays in May (being a rescue from an unknown source, we are not sure of Oz so we ‘allocated’ his birthday in the same month as Sam’s). Oz will be 3 and Sammy 6.
I’m sending you a few pictures of the boys.

Hopefully we’ll get to Bancroft to see you soon......Deb