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Monday, March 7, 2011

Adopter Update - Samson (formerly Satchmo)

Hi Sandra

I can’t believe 5 months have passed since Samson joined us in his forever home.

Do you remember this poor fellow?

He was so sick and as a result we were not sure what breed he was. Thanks to dnamydog.com, we are now certain he is all Newf.

This happy boy has blossomed into a full blown Newf bundle of love. He spends his day playing with his sister Molly and generally staying out of trouble. Although we do have a new saying when we arrive home….”what is new(f) today”. Samson is a rascal, for example the day after his bath he went around to all the bathrooms, grabbed the bars of soap and deposited them in a pile in our living room.

He is eager to please, a massive lover boy and is extremely happy. His play habits have greatly improved with nightly visits to the leash free dog park. He also loves, and I mean LOVES car rides, bounding out the front door and into the car before you can blink.

We recently had him x-rayed for hip dysplasia, the results were no signs of hip issues and our vet stating he is physically the best Newf she has ever seen. Thanks to Newf friends for rescuing him and allowing him to join our family!!