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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Adopter Update: Molly

Here's a recent update from Molly's adoptive family, shared with permission.  They also adopted a retired dog from a reputable breeder on the same day and the two girls are getting along well.  We love these happy endings!

Molly on the left, Izzy on the right

 Hi all,

Here are a few pics of our girls. Don't they look cute?

We love them so much, and they played again today...So great to see...

The other day a rabbit was sitting in front of them and they didn't do anything!!!!!! And in the woods we saw two squirrels who were "doing it" in the middle of the horsetrail and the dogs didn't do anything, the squirrels however jumped in a tree while still engaged with each other LOL  If I were walking with our Naja well, you know what would have happened!!

Only thing is... they both want to jump in anyone's car!! This morning the contractor came who's gonna build our garage, he has a big pickup truck, they were so excited, Molly jumped against his car with her big front paws in the window, what a sight. Is this the old dog that can hardly walk? 

And yesterday evening a couple in a car stopped while I was walking them and they stepped out of their car and I could hardly hold the girls from jumping in that car...Now I don't know what to think about that....don't they like it here?  The people just lost their Bernese Mountain Dog and they just wanted to cuddle with Molly and Izzy...

Must say our home is full of life again!!l

Molly and Izzy

Izzy on the left, Molly on the right