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Wednesday, July 31, 2013



October 26: Dixie was adopted!

Young, playful and super affectionate, sweet Dixie Chic arrived here on July 31 and is looking for a wonderful family to call her own.  This lovely girl was born May 4, 2010 so is just 3 years young.  Her owner had some significant changes in her life and felt that it was in Dixie's best interest to re-home her. 

Dixie had a condition called cherry eye  (a disorder impacting the third eyelid) which we have corrected surgically.  She has healed nicely and is ready to join a new family.

Dixie is in good health and is an energetic girl who has good mobility and loves to romp and play.

Dixie is a gentle girl and loves to receive attention and hugs.  She knows basic commands, although her leash manners need work.  She has good off-leash recall while out walking in the woods with a pack of dogs.  In more distracting environment she will likely need some work on her recall.

She lacks confidence in new situations and wants to run and hide.  Because of this she is probably not suited to first time dog owners, but will thrive in a home where she will have an experienced owner at her side to help her feel secure and build her confidence.  She will be an excellent candidate for obedience work to help her bond with her adoptive family and boost her confidence.

An active family who will give her lots of opportunities for exercise will be the ideal match.  She LOVES the water and is an excellent swimmer with strong rescue instincts -- she is a great Newf for doing water rescue training with!

Dixie is a little bit of an insecure girl in new situations, but with a confident handler and some opportunities to get out and socialize she will quickly improve.  Meeting new people she will bark but responds well to redirection and this behaviour should be easily resolved.

Since arriving in foster care Dixie has been introduced to a number of dogs and although she is quite playful once she knows them, at first she is intimidated and nervous meeting new animals and wants to run away.  With a confident handler at her side she easily works through her nervousness, and within 2 days of arriving she was romping and playing with 7 other dogs at her temporary foster home!  She is very playful and thoroughly enjoys playing chase with large and small dogs. A home with another very well socialized dog for her to play with will be great for Dixie.

Dixie has been  vaccinated and spayed.  She is being fostered in Keswick, ON and her adopters will be required to pick her up in person.  An adoption donation of $500 applies.