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Thursday, June 5, 2014



ADOPTED July 26/14!

Could she be any cuter??? 

Marshmallow is a lovable, huggable bundle of love who arrived in our care on June 4th and is making herself right at home.   She has excellent house manners, is quiet, well behaved and although she doesn't seem to know many commands, she is a lovely, calm girl who stays out of trouble. 
She is a friendly and social girl who loves belly rubs and cuddles.  She is gentle around children although she fancies herself a lap dog so may squish little people in her efforts to climb up for some loving!  She will make a wonderful addition to the right family.
sometimes I goober on myself
Marshmallow (aka Marsha) is a purebred Saint Bernard who was born on August 22, 2007 and has recently had a lot of uncertainty in her life, but is happy and coping well with all of the changes.  This sweet girl was surrendered to the SPCA in 2013, underwent entropion surgery and spay then was adopted out.  A few months later she was returned to the shelter due to incontinence (she had an untreated bladder infection, poor girl!) and the decision was made to turn her over to rescue for fostering and placement.  She has been treated and is now clear of infection.

Marsha weighed 165 lbs on intake, but would be much healthier in the 120-125 lb range.  We have ruled out thyroid dysfunction as the cause so are focusing on a regimen of exercise and healthy diet to resolve her weight issue. We have already started to see improvement as her stamina increases little by little with each walk and her weight is slowly dropping.    Hopefully over the next few months Marsha will drop the excess weight and become a happy, healthy girl! 

Marsha enjoys her daily romp in the woods and is seen here with a little spring in her step....

Despite carrying a lot of extra weight, her mobility is very good and we have noticed no joint issues.  Her wellness blood work all came back normal, she has been brought up to date on vaccines and is spayed. She previously had entropion surgery and her eyes seem fine, although given the excess fat on her face her cheeks do make it difficult for her to see at times.  We expect to see improvement in the coming weeks as she drops her weight.

She would very happily go to a home where she would be the only dog and all of the attention could be on her! She'd love that!  Marshmallow was being fostered with several other dogs and did well for a few weeks, but has shown issues with other female dogs. She could join a home with a well mannered male dog.   If she were joining a family with other dogs she would be best suited to an owner with previous multi-dog household experience who can monitor her and help her with the transition.

Marsha is being fostered in the Hamilton area and her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person.  An adoption donation of $400 applies.