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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hope - formerly known as Miss Chewy

(formerly known as Miss Chewy - thanks everyone for the name suggestions!)

October 10, 2014:  Hope (now Freyja) has been adopted!

Hope is in a foster to adopt arrangement, waiting for the all clear on her skin issues and completion of her spay

Hope arrived in our care on May 21, 2014 and is currently on medical hold while we help her become a happy, healthy girl.

This 6 year old girl will need a lot of TLC and veterinary care to help her get healthy.  Donations can be made to Newf Friends by visiting our parent organization's donation page.  We are a division of HART -- when placing your donation specify that it is for the Newf Friends Fund (select this option from the drop down menu) and 100% of the donation will be directed to us.  A tax receipt will be issued for your kind donation.

Our veterinarian's notes describe Hope's condition:

Hope "is a dear, sweet dog and she is a mess. Skin is red, thickened, wrinkled, marked hair loss, big thick calluses on her elbows and on her butt from lying and sitting on concrete. Her ears are full of pus and her eyes are weeping green goo. She is lean but not excessively skinny at 111.2 lbs.  
Her teeth are good. Her knees are good. She is a bit tender over her back and her hips are a tad stiff but not terrible.

She has a faint heart murmur over her pulmonic valve, so I cannot rule out a mild pulmonic stenosis. I will listen to her again later to see if it is still present.

I did several skin scrapings and smears. I found one dead Demodex mite, which is entirely normal. No signs of sarcoptes mites but that does not rule out scabies (sarcoptic mange) so I treated her with Revolution anyway. Lots of yeast, lots of bacteria. Same thing with ears, both yeast and bacterial infection. She is also very itchy, understandably.

What worries me is that her mandibular, prescapular, and popliteal lymph nodes are all hugely enlarged. I am hoping that they are reacting to her skin infections but there is the possibility that she has lymphoma.

Blood and urine have been sent to the lab for testing. I took needle aspirate samples of her lymph nodes and will sent them out to Dr Brian Wilcock (pathologist at Histovet) for examination.

I have started her on Nizoral shampoos twice weekly with leave-on chlorhexidene conditioner once weekly, oral antibiotic (cephalexin), medicated eye drops and ear drops, and a topical Soother spray. I have also started her on prednisone since she is so itchy that she is injuring herself."
Bloodwork results are back and  show that she is mildly anemic, but the rest of her blood count is normal.  No increase in white blood cells especially lymphocytes in circulation. Her kidneys and liver are fine. Her globulin level is up, mostly likely due to immune stimulation from terrible skin, but can't rule out cancer either. Heartworm and tick borne diseases (4Dx) negative.

Update:  Hope's pathology report came back with great news -- her enlarged lymph nodes are due to infection, not cancer!

Hope, June 1, ten days of treatment so far and much improved!

 A HUGE thank you to Bark Fur Joy Grooming Salon in Mississauga for doing an incredible job of cleaning up sweet gal Hope. She feels so much better already, and we will have no problem treating her skin issues now that all of her matted fur is gone!
Not only did Bark Fur Joy groom her for FREE, they also made a $200 DONATION to Hope's vet care and offered the use of their tub and blower whenever we need it! Such fabulous rescue supporters! Thank you so much Bark Fur Joy!



** Hope's coat was beyond saving and she had to be clipped close at our request. Normally we don't trim Newfs so close but in this instance it was in her best interest so we can get a handle on her infections. Bark Fur Joy has done a fabulous job of grooming out several Newfs for us, including most recently Koda wo looked so handsome after his groom!

Hope on intake: