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Monday, November 23, 2015

Do I need Pet Insurance?

Do I need insurance for my pet?

Before adding a four footed companion to your family it is important to consider how you will manage financially if the dog were to be injured or become ill and need specialized treatment.

One of the reasons loving owners end up surrendering their Newf to our rescue is that they can not afford the financial burden of treating serious injury or illness.  Some of the most common health issues are skin issues which can be extremely expensive to diagnose and manage, and ruptured cruciate ligaments which cost in the vicinity of $3000-5000 per knee to repair, depending where you live in the province.  As a general rule, we advise potential adopters that if you can not easily access $5000 for emergency treatment, you should consider having a plan in place for how you will cover emergency vet care.  

Some families will set up emergency accounts for their pets which they automatically deposit funds to each month, and they leave that money aside in case of emergency.  This is a great option if you know that you will be able to leave the money untouched and only use if for emergencies.  However, realistically, many families are not in a position to do this, and having an insurance plan for their pet is the best option.

There are a number of plans available and it is important to look at what is and what is not covered before you decide on a plan.  Policies vary and monthly premiums range from about $40/month for basic plans to $100/month for plans that offer unlimited coverage and include preventative care including annual vet visits, bloodwork, heartworm prevention medications, vaccines, etc.

The companies some of our supporters have found to be easy to work with are Trupanion and Desjardins Insurance as their claims process and policy coverage are quite good. Check out their websites for pricing/limits/deductibles/copay amounts so that you can get an idea of what it will cost based on the age of your dog.  Also research other companies to see which group offers the right policy for you - your vet can offer you some suggestions.

By putting an emergency plan in place before you add your new family member you can rest easy knowing that should your four footed friend need care, you will be able to give them the treatment they need to help them recover.