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Monday, November 30, 2015

Grooming Safety Tips

Handsome boy Screech is lucky to be alive after suffering from heat stroke while at the groomer. How did that happen on a cold winter day in northern Ontario?  He was put under a cage dryer by his groomer, and it nearly cost him his life.   Screech ended up being hospitalized and has severe muscle damage following the incident.

With the holiday season upon us many Newfs will be heading in for a day at the spa to get all spiffed up for family gatherings.  Before you drop your Newf at the groomer, take a moment to review some basic safety tips first. 
  • Newfs are far too heat sensitive to safely be left under a cage dryer - you need to ensure that the groomer knows never to use a cage dryer on your Newf.  They should only be dried with high velocity dog dryers with no heat, and they should be under constant supervision.  
  •  Also make sure that your Newf will not be left in a room where cage dryers are running -- the rooms can quickly become too hot for a Newf.
  • Experienced Newf groomer Tricia from Cloverleaf Grooming in MA tells us,  "From a groomer's perspective, you should be aware that heat AND humidity are problems in grooming environments. Be sure that your groomer is controlling humidity. High velocity drying disperses atomized air into the environment and the dryers themselves, although not having heating elements, can become quite hot just from circulating air through the motor (feel the hose sometime after it's been running.) Proper ventilation of cages (wire crates are best) and air circulation with dehumidification are essentials that groomers must provide for dogs that are at risk for overheating during grooming."
  •  Newfs should be scheduled for grooming early in the day, and they should be moved through the grooming process quickly to get them out of the hot/humid environment as quickly as possible.  
  • Newfs should have free access to drinking water while at the groomer.
  • Ensure that your dog will be in a secure area where there is no access to exterior doors they could accidentally slip out of. 
  • If your Newf is not used to be being on a grooming table, let the groomer know this ahead of time, it may be safer for your Newf to stay on the floor to be groomed. 
  • Newfs should never be allowed to jump out of tubs or off of tables without someone supporting their front end to prevent injury. 
  • If your Newf has any orthopedic issues, tell your groomer about them before hand. Some groomers may tell owners to double up on their dog's pain meds for the day of the groom -- NEVER DO THIS without consulting your vet first!
With a few basic safety precautions and some common sense your Newf can enjoy it's day at the spa without any risk.

Thanks to Screech's owner, JoAnne of  Badbear Newfoundlands in Thunderbay, ON for sharing Screech's story with us, and to his co-owners for granting permission for us to share it on our site. We're all wishing Screech a speedy recovery.

AM/CAN CH Top Shelf Screech to Badbear RN
If you have other grooming safety tips feel free to email them to us to be added to our article.