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Sunday, May 1, 2016



Quick Adoption Overview
Adoption Pending

4 years old
Health Needs:  Suffers from kidney disease, see comments below
Newf  mix
Tested well with cats
Is fine with well mannered dogs
Gentle with children, but we'd recommend older kids because she is bouncy.
Fenced yard required

All About Betty-Lou
Betty-Lou and her brother T-Bone (who has since been adopted) arrived in our care on May 1 when changes in their owner's life situation made it necessary for them to find a new home.  They are said to be Newf x Old English Sheepdog.  She is approximately 120 lbs.

She was born May 13, 2012 (4 years old).  Upon arrival Betty-Lou had a serious UTI which we promptly treated.  She seemed to be doing well but a few weeks after her treatment ended she began having accidents, her urine became bloody and we knew something more serious was happening.  Looking back over her vet history from her surrendering family, it appears that she presented with bloody urine when she was 10 months old.  A short (too short) treatment of antibiotics was administered at that time and no follow-up was ever done.

It appears that Betty-Lou has been suffering from a chronic infection for several years.  We scheduled an ultrasound, ran tests and have now confirmed our fears -- her kidneys and bladder have been permanently damaged.

We are working to come up with the very best plan for supporting her kidneys and ensuring that she has a good quality of life.  A special diet, supplements and regular monitoring of her kidney function will be needed.

At this point we can not estimate what her life expectancy will be, but her blood levels are good, she is not in renal failure, and we are optimistic that she will enjoy many bright days ahead. We do not feel that she is a candidate for our sanctuary (palliative care) program, and do feel that she could join an adoptive family to enjoy her remaining time in the loving care of a family of her own.  It is impossible to estimate how long her kidneys will function, but with proper diet and care it is possible that she will enjoy many years to come.

We are hoping that she can find a forever family of her own who will love her and give her a fabulous quality of life.  A home where someone is around much of the time is needed, as she will need opportunities to go outside to potty regularly through the day.

UPDATE: Betty-Lou is currently being treated for a UTI.  As such, she is available as a "foster to adopt" placement.  This means that Newf Friends will continue to cover her medical costs while her UTI is being treated.   She started a round of antibiotics, which will be administered for the next four weeks (starting on June 28th, 2016).  She we will require a minimum of two trips into one of our vet clinics during this time, to check her progress.   As such, she can only be placed within reasonable proximity to one of our vet clinics, which are:  Mississauga, Markham, Fergus, Brantford and Apsley, Ontario.  Once the infection has cleared up, her adoption can be finalized 

Betty absolutely adores all people!   She is very friendly and loves belly rubs.  She started out a bit TOO friendly, and would jump up to kiss your face.  :-P  With a little training, she is doing much better and now sits politely for attention the majority of the time.  She will need on going training in her future home, to ensure she is the best dog she can be.

She loves her leash walks, and is a real joy to walk.  She likes visiting all the neighbours, including the neighbourhood kids.  She sits nicely for head scratches.  She is very patient too, if you want to stop and chat.  She sits at your feet and show off how lovely she is, until it's time to keep going.  What a neighbourhood super star!

She is a typical shadow Newf when you are home, but also very well behaved when left alone.  She is not destructive around the house, does not chew things she isn't supposed to, and can have free reign without any issues, as long as there are no obvious temptations on the counters.  Good girl!

Betty Lou is also very quiet in her foster home (she has only barked a handful of times).

She LOVES car rides, and hops right in without any hesitation.  She's always ready for the next adventure!

Betty has had minimal opportunity to meet new dogs in her lifetime, and so she tends to be unsure of new dogs and avoids them.  She warms up easily enough, as long as they are polite and would be well suited to living with another four footed pal, or being the only dog.

She tested well with cats, but is not currently living with feline friends.

As a bonus, Betty-Lou hardly drools and is ever so gentle taking treats.

She is also awesome off leash and has great recall.

Betty-Lou is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on her vaccines.

She is looking for a family that enjoys all of her favouite things -- lounging, belly rubs, car rides, and walks. Does that sound like anyone you know?  ;-)

She is being fostered in the Toronto area.

Given Betty-Lou's health needs, there is no adoption fee for her to join a loving forever family.