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Monday, October 30, 2017

Newfoundland Pups

Born via c-section on Sept 24

Update January 13, 2018:

Iggy is still looking for an adopter.

Update December 6/17
Four of the seven pups have been cleared by the cardiologist and are adopted.
3 of the puppies (Iggy, Andie and Viola) have sadly been diagnosed with subaortic stenosis (SAS), as has their mom Carlie.  This disease could have been prevented had the breeder who bred Carlie performed a simple heart clearance on her before breeding her. 
SAS is a genetic defect of the heart.  With this disease there is no way to tell how long they will live - could be weeks, months or years.  Some dogs lead long, happy lives, others die suddenly quite young.  The median life expectancy with medication is about 5 yrs. The pups are available for adoption to special adopters who are willing to open their hearts to a dog who has SAS--see details below.  

Adopters need to be prepared for the costs associated with this disease, which will increase with time and the growth of the puppies. They are taking Atenolol (a beta blocker) which will hopefully help reduce the potential clinical signs of SAS. These meds are dosed by weight and will cost approximately $50/month when they are fully grown.  Additional meds may be required down the road, with costs varying but potentially running up to $300/month.  They will also require echocardiograms and Cardiologist consults every 6 months to start with but these appointments could be more frequent as the disease progresses.

Special precautions need to be taken around treating infections, anaesthetics risk, etc.  And of course, the greatest challenge to raising a heart pup is preparing for the emotional journey of loving a pup who may not live a long life.  We are hoping to find wonderful loving homes where each of these pups can live their life, however long it may be, with great happiness.

Quick Adoption Overview 
  • Viola is located in Fergus, ON; Iggy is located in Bancroft, ON - we will consider applications from families within a 1 day drive (ideally under 5 hours, but will consider up to 8 hours).  Pup must be picked up in person.
  • The pups are too young to receive their rabies vaccines--US adopters will be fully responsible for applying for and acquiring an Unimmunized Dog Permit to enter the US with the pup.  You will also need a valid passport to enter Canada.
  • DOB September 24, 2017 
  • Applications now being accepted
  • Homes where the pups will be left more than 4 hours total in a day will not be considered
  • Preference given to homes without children under the age of 8 (see below) 
  • Preference given to homes with another adult dog who is well mannered and will be a great playmate for the pup
  • Fenced yard required, no exceptions

Before applying to adopt a dog or emailing us with questions, review our FAQ page.  Emails asking questions that are answered on that page will not be responded to.

Please Read All of the information below
Carlie and pups
 A pregnant Newf named Carlie was surrendered to our program and her pups were born in our care.  We are told the sire of the litter was a Landseer  as well.  

The litter has been raised in an enriched indoor environment and the pups have been very well socialized with dogs of all sizes, with cats, and with people. Great care has been taken to expose these pups to a variety of different people and things to help ensure that they are confident and have a good foundation of experiences prior to adoption.  Preference will be given to families who have the time and experience to carry on with this work and properly train, socialize and care for their pup to ensure that it matures into a well-mannered adult.  

Adventure box to help expose the pups to unusual sights, textures and sounds
* Homes where there is another well socialized, well-mannered adult dog will be our first choice as these pups will all benefit from growing up with another dog for companionship and as a role model. Homes without other pets will need to have a well thought out, solid plan in place for ongoing socialization.

Puppies require a large time commitment from owners;  families who have very busy schedules where the pup will be left alone all day are not a suitable match for a Newf pup.  No puppy wants to be in a cage for 8 hours!
Raising a puppy is hugely rewarding but takes much time and energy from all members of the family.  Newfs, in particular, are very slow maturing and can be quite rambunctious as puppies requiring a lot of training during the first 2 years of their life.  As such, families with young children under the age of 8 aren't suited; the only exception would be families who have EXTENSIVE giant breed experience and children over 6 yrs who are exceptionally dog savvy.  It's important that all family members are mature enough to play an active and consistent role in the training and raising of a puppy.   This criterion is in place based on having hundreds of Newfs surrendered to our rescue group over the years and consistently seeing the challenges that families raising a young dog with young children face, and the very high rate of surrender by families with young children.  

These pups will be available to homes within a one day drive of their foster location.  

The pups will be placed with a strictly enforced non-breeding contract and spay/neuter agreement. 

The pups who have SAS will have their adoption fee waived.  We ask instead for a donation of their adopter's choice.  Non-breeding contracts will be in place.

IGGY:  Black Collar Male (2017-029)  - Available for adoption

Diagnosed with Moderate-Severe SAS, Velocity LVOT 4.70 m/s, 88.3 mmHg - available for special adoption
He is showing no symptoms at this time

We have now created a separate bio page for Iggy.  Please visit this link to learn all about this wonderful boy.

VIOLA: Purple Collar Female (2017-027)
ADOPTED January 30/18

Diagnosed with Severe SAS, Velocity LVOT 5.40 m/s, 116 mmHg - available for special adoption

Viola is well mannered, easy-going, social, lovable girl who is a total love bug. She is fantastic with other dogs and also cats. 

She is housetrained, crate trained and is currently working on learning basic obedience. What a great catch!  Smart and eager to please, she is the perfect puppy! 

Viola and her Mom Carlie playing

ANDIE:  Pink Collar Female (2017-026)  
September 24, 2017 - January 13, 2018
Sadly, Andie passed away from Subaortic Stenosis while in foster care.  She lived her short 16 week life knowing nothing but kindness in a loving foster home where she romped and played and enjoyed much happiness and love.  Sleep well sweet girl.

Green Collar Male (2017-031) - Adopted

Orange Collar Male (2017-025) - Adopted

Red Collar Male (2017-030) - adopted

Yellow Collar Male (2017-032) - adopted

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