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Monday, July 16, 2012

Adopter Update: Finnegan

Hi Sandra and Allison:
It has been two years since Finn entered our lives.  What a fun filled time it has been.  Finn happily runs along the beach each morning, tongue hanging, in and out of the water, swimming for a stick and still making time to say hi to those he meets.  One beach goer told me that just watching Finn makes him feel good. That's our Finn.
You may recall when Finn first came to us he was suffering from bone chips in his shoulder, found it difficult to get in and out of the car and ran with a limp. The removal of the bone chips was a complete success. He loves the car, when we walk by the car he looks at me with those big brown eyes to say lets go for a ride.  He runs and plays with no sign of any problems. 
When he came to us he had no idea how to play with Shannon our Bernese Mountain Dog, but now he is a gentle play mate.  This Winter, Shannon, tore her CL.   When she came home from surgery he laid down beside her and gently licked her face.  Each day, until she fully recovered, he would only engage in play by lying beside her and playing with their mouths and head.  I am so very proud of my boy. 
We went home to Nova Scotia in July and had a wonderful time.  Enclosed are photos of Finn at the beach at home in Ontario and at the beach in Nova Scotia 2012.  We are off to the cottage in Huntsville in August and back to the Martimes in the Fall, Finn has lots of beach time ahead.  I think we should buy him a boogie board. 
Thank you for allowing John and I to adopt Finnegan.