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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I have awesome floof!
August 20:  Willie has joined a wonderful family!

Are you looking for a working companion to do obedience, water rescue or carting with? Look no further than Willie, an adorable 6 year old purebred Newf who is looking for a great family to call his own. This sensitive boy is a real sweetheart and is going to make one lucky family very happy!

Willie is a sweet boy who is well trained and knows a lot of commands. He has good house manners (well, except for counter surfing if food is left out!) and is friendly boy who is particularly fond of women. He loves people and really enjoys spending time hanging out with his family and being included in their day to day activities.

Willie comes from strong working lines and is very motivate to work. He loves swimming and is an excellent candidate for water rescue work. A typical working dog, he requires a fair bit of exercise and will get into mischief if his exercise needs are not met.

Willie just qualified for 2 legs in Novice Rally-O so needs one more qualifying run to get his Novice title!! Look at him go!

If you have ever been interested in competing for titles Willie is your boy! Willie also “reverses” like a dream which is an extremely useful trick for carting. Willie is happiest when working and requires a home where he is expected to be more than a couch potato.

Look at me playing in the pool at the K-9 Country Inn!
Like many Newfs he likes to carry things around in his mouth and this may include shoes, books, etc. He is learning to carry more appropriate items - he's definitely a boy who likes to have toys to carry. His favourite things to carry are soft plush toys so if you don’t mind walking a big dog with a stuffie in his mouth Willie is for you!

Willie is a confident Newf who will benefit from continued obedience work with his adoptive family. He needs the attention and care of an experienced owner who is calm and confident to help Willie know they are in control so he doesn't need to make decisions. With a confident handler at his side Willie is well mannered on leash, gets along with everyone he meets and is a terrific boy.

Willie came to us through no fault of his own. His owners had a baby and felt they could not meet Willie's needs. In consultation with his family and his breeder we determined that because of his confidence issues, Willie's needs would be best met coming into our foster program for assessment and care rather than going to his breeder's kennels. He is CKC registered and comes from a reputable breeder who is involved in his re-homing and will be available for advice and offering guidance to his new adoptive family.

Willie has demonstrated issues with other large dogs in the past, especially males, so is not suited to a home with another dog. He is looking for a home where he will be the only pet.

He was enrolled in classes for "reactive dogs" which helped him learn how to meet new dogs appropriately. He can now be in close proximity to other dogs without any issues with a handler at his side. Willie would rather have love and affection from his handler than worry about what the other dogs are doing!  In his "down time" when he is not working he would prefer to lounge about without another dog in his home.

His ideal home will be a calm country setting with a loving owner who enjoys spending a lot of time with their dog. A sensitive boy, Willie would do best in a quiet home where he has someone around most of the time.

Willie is a bit of a goof at times and doesn't always know his own size so he is best not living in a home with children. He could join a home with teenagers and is very friendly and affectionate. He definitely loves to be groomed, hugged and petted!

Willie getting some training from one of our volunteers

Willie was born on June 9, 2008. His vaccines are UTD and he is neutered. Willie is currently in a training center to continue helping him work on his manners around other animals. Willie is not suited to a home with cats, he can't help himself, he loves to chase them!

He is being fostered in the Cookstown area and his adoptive family will be required to pick him up in person. A reduced adoption donation of $400 applies to offset his ongoing training needs. To be considered for adopting Willie please complete an adoption application and email it to us.

A fenced yard is required.

Willie working with one of our volunteers at the K-9 Country Inn