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Monday, July 16, 2012

Adopter Update - Luna

Just wanted to let the world know that we have the coolest dog ever. She just wants to love everyone (especially squirrels, she really wants to love squirrels). I have to admit that my husband wasn't so convinced about bringing Luna into our fold, but umm.. wow. It's kind of embarrassing now. I've never seen him so smitten with an animal in my life. Those two are in love. Yes, we're all in love, but those two have their own language. Luna came to us always looking like she wanted to give a kiss, butting her nose against us and wagging her tail frantically. Last month, Luna's joy overtook her and she 'accidentally' gave my husband a small lick on the cheek and then dropped her head, expecting (we suppose) to be reprimanded. Well, of course she was only encouraged by my husband and now it's kisses, kisses everywhere.

These are some pics from our backyard - Fort Henry. Luna's big thing is to run in the water and run out, again and again and again. She runs in, dunks her head in and runs out. So, there's some pics of Luna posing regally and others of her wet dog look.  

Luna came to us so concerned about ever doing anything wrong and acting a little insecure. Over the months we've seen her blossom into a confident, silly dog. She's now come to learn that: a.) We are the bosses so she can relax her responsibilities in that department b.) She is truly a part of our family and is indoctrinated into our daily routines and lives and she, in turn, is our impetus for daily romps in the woods or adventures along the shoreline, and c.) This is the last stop for our gorgeous beast, she's never going anywhere without us. Luna is our big, sweet, smart, glorious, fluffy, silly, and joyful dog. We are so grateful to have her in our lives.