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Friday, September 21, 2012

Adopter Update: Jumpin' Jack Flash

Check out this great update we received last week about Jumpin' Jack Flash.  Doesn't he look happy in his awesome new home?


Hello everyone! 

I just wanted you to know that Jack has been doing extremely well & keeps me laughing every day! Whether he's trying to beat me into the shower, standing patiently in the kiddy pool waiting for me to fill it up after a long walk, or simply answering me with his perfectly timed purrs & moans when I talk to him, he can't help but be adorable! 

 We are still working on some much needed socialization/greeting skills with other dogs but he has already made friends with a Bernese Mountain dog, a Golden Retriever & a Pug. (Jack wants to apologize again for peeing on the Pug, but says he really wasn't aiming for him!) 


On a side note, the most recent post-it note on the wall has a recorded height of 67.75" as Jack's highest projectile (drool) to date! I'm sure he can do better but for now, I'm just happy I don't have to repaint the ceiling!!


We won't be able to see everyone in Bancroft this year but we wish you all a great time!

Sincerely, Jack & Tracy