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Tuesday, October 16, 2012



UPDATE October 28, 2012: Flynn was adopted.

Woohoooo! Howdy Newf folks! Run, play, wrestle, chase, bounce..... that sums me up! Oh and by the way, my name is Flynn! I'm an 8 month old Newf pup and I'm looking for an active, super-duper family to make me their own. I came to the Newfie rescue people on October 15, 2012 as an owner surrender. I think I was too busy and active for my family. Hmmpft! I'm a pup, so that was probably true! An active Newf pup is not for the faint of heart! ha haa haaaaa!

Here I am standing still for a split second
Boy oh boy, I arrived at my foster home and immediately starting running my face off... for hours! I had some energy to burn and then some! There are a bunch of other dogs here, ranging in size from tiny to giant, and I LOVE them all. I have the best time ever running, playing, chasing, splashing in the water, bombing through the woods and .... crashing into fences. Whooops!

Anywho, once I'm tired, I have no problem chilling out in my crate. I do whine a bit at first but then I'm ok. I sleep all night in my crate with no problem, it's my cozy den and foster Mom says it keeps me out of trouble. Did I mention that I'm still a silly puppy?? I like to grab things with my mouth, sometimes I like to nibble on them too. I'm learning what it is ok for me to chew and what isn't. Apparently blankets, shoes, pillows, leashes (the list goes on!) are NOT ok. Who knew?? In the video below I'm playing with my stuffie, I love it!

Here I am mouth wrestling with one of the resident dogs at my foster home. He's my best friend but I seriously LOVE every dog I meet!

Check me out trying to keep up with a super fast Greyhound cross that just arrived at my foster home. I love to run and thought I was quick but she blows me away!!!! (pssst.... she needs a home too!)

Hello??? Rub my belly please.
I love people and am friendly with everyone I meet. I do get SUPER excited sometimes and jump up and mouth people's hands. I don't mean any harm but foster Mom says its not a great habit so she's going to work with me on this. I do know some commands already, like sit and wait, and I'm really eager to please and learn more cool stuff. Apparently learning to walk nice on leash is also in my future. Wooot! I think this means I'll get to go on lots of walks, greeting people and other dogs ... gulp .... calmly (NO idea what that means but I'm willing to learn!) I'm just super happy to say hello... I think most dogs realize I'm just a big dorky puppy who learning to be an awesome adult Newfie-boy. Give me a bit of time and lots of practice and I'll be as good as gold! Check me out playing with new arrival Grayson in the video below, fun times!

Can't tell here, but I slobber a lot
Chewing on a stick
Anyways, I gotta jet; things to do, dogs to wrestle with, people to kiss. I am looking for an active family that will get me out doing lots of fun things and have the patience, time and energy to guide me into adulthood. I need work on my manners but really I'm just a good natured goofball puppy. Nothing wrong with me that lots of exercise, consistent leadership and training won't cure! Because I'm pretty exuberant and jumpy, I would not be suited to a home with young children, I'd knock them over for sure, by accident of course :oP.

Goofy puppy sit
I currently weigh around 80 lbs, am up to date on my vaccines, neutered and my birthday is February 26, 2012 (see ... told you I was just a baby!). If you think you'd like me to join your family, just go to the Contact Us page of this website and download an application to submit. I'll be patiently waiting (ok, maybe not patiently!) to hear from you!!

I am being fostered in the Guelph, Ontario area and you are required to pick me up in person. My adoption fee is $500.