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Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Update Nov. 17, 2012: Grayson was adopted. Yippee!

Hi everyone, pleased to meet you!! My name is Grayson and I'm a happy boy looking for a family. Nope, you're not seeing things and I'm not that old (I'm only 3!) ... my coat is gray and everyone tells me I'm super handsome. Not sure if that's true but I love when people talk sweet to me so keep the compliments coming.  My vet says that my coat will darken up with better diet and proper grooming, so now that I'm with Newf Friends I'll probably start to look a lot better!

I came to the Newfie people on October 17th, 2012 because my owners couldn't care for me any longer. I was sad but I'm having a super time in foster care so far and I'm told I'll find a new family in no time. Hope so! I love everyone I meet and have pretty good manners about it too. I don't jump up, or bark or anything. Awesome!

I get along pretty good with other dogs but I don't like dogs getting too excited in my face. All I'm asking for is a polite greeting; little sniff here and there, a tail wag or two, but not to be jumped all over. I don't think that's too much to ask, do you?? Check me out playing with young pup Flynn in the video below. We had big time F-U-N in the pouring rain (foster Mom, not so much).... tee hee heeeeee!!!

Here I am having a romp in the woods....

As I said I do get along with other dogs and I greet nicely on leash but I am... how shall I say it... umm.... bossy. I am used to being the top dog in a house. Foster Mom said something about 'alpha dog'. I would be best suited to a house with another passive dog either my size or smaller or as an only dog. I'm in foster care with other dogs and everything is pretty good but sometimes I like to "hump" them. Fun for me, maybe not so much for them I guess. Whooops!

My activity requirements are pretty minimal. I like to play but only for a bit, I like to go on walks but not for that long (and not in the rain!). I mostly enjoy snoozing with my people and just hanging out. I would not be suited to a household with a young active dog that wants to play a lot, I'm past that stage and it would just tire me out. Also, I've never lived with cats and think they are for chasing. Apparently most cats don't like this. :oP

I weigh 131 lbs, am neutered and my birthday is May 2, 2009. I've been to the vet and am being treated for skin issues. Seems I have a few scabby spots, probably because I wasn't eating great food and wasn't being brushed enough! I'm getting all brushed out so I look even more handsome!

I'm going to be vaccinated once my skin clears up.  The vet says my left hip is sore, probably from mild hip dysplasia.  So I'm taking metacam and that helps make me feel better!  I will be getting lots of Omega 3's (whatever those are!) and that is supposed to help me too. 

Seeing as I just arrived, they are still assessing and getting to know me to determine what kind of home would be best for me. They will post more info over the next week to help you decide if I'm the guy for you. Scroll down to view a bunch of pictures in the meantime. Enjoy!

I am being fostered in Pickering, ON and my new family needs to pick me up in person. An adoption fee of $500 applies.

Also, they told me to tell you.... please don't email them with questions about me, just watch this space for more info or check out the FAQ page. If you're REALLY interested and want to talk to someone about me and have questions, just submit an application... then they'll know you're serious. Apparently these Newfie rescue folks are all volunteers and they get loads and loads of emails every day.

I look super serious here... I'm staring at a treat
And here's my happy face!

Yep, I need some grooming