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Monday, October 1, 2012


# 3658

June 30/13:  Molly has been adopted!
April 25/13:  Molly has an approved home!  She will be joining them in late June.
Good golly, my name's Molly, and I'm a beautiful gal who is looking for a fabulous family to come along and call me their own.  I'm kinda' cute, right?  I arrived at Newf Friends on September 30, and I am doing very well in foster care.

Everyone tells me I'm a very good girl and I get along with everyone I meet.  I love hanging out with kids and I'm gentle and sweet and perfect in every way.  I am a very good girl, know basic commands, am housebroken, and I love car rides.  Sometimes I drool.  A lot.  Don't worry, I look super cute in a bib! 

I was born on November 27, 2003 so I'm 9 years young.  I'm mellow and easy going and am happy to hang out with my family and get my belly rubbed.

I get along great with dogs, cats, even chickens, horses and goats!   I'm pretty awesome.  I'd be happy to join a nice, quiet family with other mellow animals.  I'm not into playing with other dogs too much, but I'm happy to hang out with them, and I love going along for walks with a big pack of dogs.  Foster mom calls me the Fun Police because I don't like it when other dogs are being goofy and racing around and I tell them to knock it off!

So what's a nice gal like me doing in foster care?  Well,  I had been feeling really lousy and my family did all they could but I needed more tests than they could afford, and they knew I'd need some special care so they contacted the Newf folks to bring me into their program.  

Turns out I had some infections, and I even had a piece of wood stuck through the roof of my mouth into my sinus cavity!  Ohhhh that hurt so bad and when they removed it I felt so much better.   Anyway, I took lots of medicine and now I am feeling a LOT better.  My infections are gone and I'm doing great.

I should mention that I'm a tad too roly poly for my own good.  When I arrived at Newf Friends  I tipped the scales at just over 180 lbs and my foster mom says I would feel a whole lot better if I weighed 150 lbs.  No more Timmies for  me!   I've been eating only good food and I go for lots of walks and the pounds are  coming off slowly and steadily.  I feel better and better all the time, and I no longer lag behind on my walks, I am able to walk right up at the front of the pack!  Yay for me!

I've been carrying around a LOT of extra weight for many years and it has really taken a toll on me -- my left knee hurts and my shoulders are sore.  I'm now taking some meds to help me feel better and I will need to take them for the rest of my life.  Foster mom gives me Metacam every morning, and I also get Salmon Oil and Ester C twice a day as well as Cranberry capsules.  I get cartrophen injections too (don't worry, foster mom will show you how to give them to me, it's easy!) This makes me feel a lot better!  Foster mom says that my adoptive family will need to budget about $300/month to cover all of my regular expenses like food, medication and supplements. She says I'm worth it! 

Look at this great toy one of my admirers sent me!

Here I am taking a stroll on the beach on Oct 1.  I'm cute, but I'm not moving too well.  I have lost a lot of weight since then and I'm doing much better now!


I am spayed already, and my vaccines are all up to date.  I am ready to join a new family!

I am being fostered in Bancroft, ON and the lucky family who gets to adopt me will have to pick me up in person.  Did I mention that I love car rides!

If you think you'd like me to join your family, fill out an adoption application and send it in to the Newf folks and they will be in touch.  They say since I'm a senior the adoption donation of $500 will be reduced to $350.  I'm a very good girl, and I promise to make who ever adopts me very happy!