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Thursday, January 2, 2014



Update: Aug 30, 2014

UPDATE: July 21, 2014
After nearly 7 months in foster care receiving exceptional care and treatment from Dr. Janice, Sammy has finally been cleared for adoption and will be joining his new family soon!  THANK YOU Dr. Janice for saving this boys life!

This sweet boy arrived at Newf Friends on January 1 and has been under the exceptional care of  Dr. Janice who has been doing her best to help him recover and get healthy.

Sammy is approximately 5-6 years old and came to us along with 2 other Newfs from a breeding kennel.  Sammy was in very rough shape.  On intake this lovely boy was extremely emaciated and malnourished, weighing only 86 lbs - he now weighs 140 lbs and is close to his ideal weight.

He was quite ill and his kidney function very compromised. Sammy had been undergoing treatment for stubborn infections and was finally healthy enough for his neuter surgery on May 14th.  He still has several weeks of treatment ahead of him.  

Abdominal ultrasound revealed that both kidneys are normal size.   There is some dilation in the renal pelvis of both kidneys (hydronephrosis), and mild thickening of the urethra - these are likely secondary to chronic and/or recurrent urinary tract infection.

There is a 2 cm nodule in the right kidney. It could be a granuloma (response to chronic inflammation), infection, or a tumor. It does not show much blood flow to it using colour Doppler.  Lymph nodes are normal.

His prostate is enlarged. This could be benign prostatic hypertrophy (normal for a middle aged intact male) but there are some small nodular areas and that could be an indication of  bacterial prostatitis that would be a possible source for recurrent pyelonephritis (kidney infection.)  Now that he has been neutered we are hoping to see a reduction in the size of his prostate.

Sammy is VERY smart and learns new things quickly.  He'll be a great candidate for working dog activities once he is healthy. He is a powerful boy and once he is healthy he will be quite spectacular!  He is so strong his foster family have nicknamed him Atlas!

This sensitive Newf  was under considerable stress adjusting to a new environment and people but with kind handling and the use of calming remedies he is doing well and has made tremendous progress.    Sammy is still demonstrating some separation anxiety when left alone, but Dr. J is working with him and he has been steadily improving.  Sammy has been receiving basic training to teach him needed commands and manners and help to socialize him. 

On intake -- emaciated and badly matted
Thank you for all of the donations that have come in so far to help us cover the cost of Sammy's treatment, the medication is very expensive.  Further donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Click the "Donate" button above for information on how you can donate.

Sammy will be ready to be adopted soon. His long term prognosis is unknown, but with TLC he is enjoying an excellent quality of life.  We are looking for a home where someone will be home with him most of the time, and where he will be able to enjoy a quiet, loving environment.

Given his ongoing health issues, our usually adoption donation of $500 will be waived. A donation of the adopters choice  may be made instead.