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Friday, January 10, 2014

Tank Update - Jan 10, 2014

A note from Tank's foster Dad on his progress:

Tank is finally beginning to lose some weight. Yay! He has had 6 hydro-therapy sessions in London. The vet (Dr. Heather Kennedy) and her staff at the London Veterinary Surgery and Rehabilitation Prof. Corp. - LVEC have been fabulous. 

Tank has worked his way up to walking 20 minutes on the treadmill in chest-deep water and has gained quite a bit of stamina in his hind-quarters. His walks around the neighbourhood are now 20-30 minutes long plus exercises twice a day. If out walking, and we have stopped to talk to someone, he usually chooses to sit, instead of just flopping down. Tank can be can"tank"erous if he doesn't wish to go for his walks, however we find bribing him with treats (green beans especially) usually does the trick. He eats plenty of green veggies, cabbage not being one of them (thank goodness, P-U!). 

Tank is a smart dog, learns very quickly, and has adapted to life in a small town environment. We have met many people walking their dogs who are involved with local animal rescue groups and it's nice to share stories. 

Thanks for all your support - we will persevere for however long it takes to get these hips of his in a happy-hippy state.

Tank has graduated from a 6" step to an 8" step. Woohoo! 

One more exercise for gaining strength

Waiting for Santa

Tank having a conference with his buds

Enjoying a blizzard, typical Newf behaviour!