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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Adopter Update: Murphy

Hello Friends!
It's been exactly one year since I adopted Murphy and brought him to his new home.  As soon as I saw Murphy's big, cute head and read about his joint problems, I knew that we were meant to be in each other's lives.  My previous giant breed had severe elbow dysplasia and I felt that I could provide Murphy with the care he needed.  He has been the best dog and this past year has seen him really come into his own. 


When I first got Murphy he was coming off his first ACL surgery.  After 3 months of rehab, his other ACL finally gave way. Another surgery, and another stretch of rehab.  In that time, Murphy was calm and reserved and was so patient through it all.  He put in his time on the water treadmill and he still gets lazer therapy on his joints and muscles.  He was/is such a wonderful, sweet guy.  It was clear that he'd been loved his whole life, and that made me very happy.
Now that Murphy is all healed, watch out!  This boy has really developed a goofy personality and has become very vocal.  I'm often greeted by howling and face bumps.  This past winter in NY was very cold and snowy and Murph loved every second of it. 
We go on daily hikes and we recently got back from our first backpacking trip together in the Adirondacks.  He was perfect!  Hiked and swam all day, and then when it was time for bed he walked right in the tent and slept through the night. I think he's really enjoying this new, active lifestyle. 
I'm so blessed to have Murphy in my life.  He's my best friend and my constant companion. 

Thank you Newf Friends for everything you do for these wonderful animals.  And thank you for Murphy.
Courtney and Murphy