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Friday, May 16, 2014



June 30: I was adopted!

Meet Eva, a friendly and affectionate purebred landseer Newf.  This sweet girl is gentle and sensitive and is looking for a wonderful family to call her own.

Eva was born on Feb 22, 2009 and was purchased by a puppy producer at a year of age and used as a brood bitch producing newf-mix puppies since that time.   Over the last couple of years she has been bred at least 6 times.  Changes in her owner's living arrangement necessitated that Eva find a new home and she made her way to Newf Friends on May 16th.

Eva's days of breeding are now happily behind her and once she is cleaned up and vaccinated we will have her spayed.  She will be ready to join a new family and start her new life as a companion by mid-June.

Eva on intake -- in need of a good grooming!
 We are told Eva gets along well with other dogs and we will be testing her once her vaccines are completed.  Eva spent most of her days living outdoors although her owner tells us that she recently has been preferring to be indoors.  With a number of stressful changes in her household over a short period of time we were told that Eva seemed to go into a depression and had not been herself in the weeks leading up to her surrender to us.  Our hope is that moving into a loving foster home where she will get lots of attention and TLC will help her blossom into a happy girl.  So far she is proving herself to be very affectionate and is soaking up all the loving she is receiving.

Eva appears to be in good health with the exception of dry skin/coat.  With proper grooming and nutritious food we expect to see an improvement quickly.

Eva is being fostered in the Haliburton, ON area, her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person. An adoption donation of $500 applies.

Someone needs to be groomed!