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Monday, April 20, 2015


August 21, 2015: I was adopted!

Junior will be joining his adoptive family in August once he has the all clear from his surgeon

Medical HOLD : On medical hold pending recovery from elbow surgery.  Expected adoption availability date of mid-August.

Handsome boy Junior arrived on April 19th and has been undergoing extensive behavioural and medical assessments.  He is doing very well and we have a clear plan of action to address his health needs. 

All ready for swim season!
Born March 27, 2013 Junior is two years old.  His owner's allergies were not manageable so the decision was made to rehome him.

Junior lived as the only dog with his family, but he does get along with other dogs and has done very well meeting the dogs in his foster home.  He could happily join a family with another well socialized dog.   He  lived in a home with a cat so could join a family with a feline friend too.  What a good boy!

Junior knows some basic commands but needs work on leash manners. He has started to attend obedience classes with his foster mom and he has done very well.  Bravo Junior!

Junior has been vaccinated and neutered.  On June 25 he underwent arthroscopic surgery to remove "joint mice" from his elbows and we expect a full recovery and great improvement in his mobility.  This procedures gives him the very best chance at a long, happy, pain free life with good mobility. His mobility is not compromised at this time, but long term, he will be best suited to a home with few or no stairs.  

Junior's foster mom has been working hard to socialize him and to make up for a lack of exposure to training opportunities in his life.  Junior hasn't had many opportunities to meet new people prior to arriving at Newf Friends so he can be spooky with introductions, and hand shy.  He is in the care of a fabulous foster mom who is helping him learn to trust people and to blossom into a wonderful boy. With a confident and experienced handler at his side, Junior is making steady progress.

He has been testing the limits in his foster home, seeing what he can get away with, including showing some mild resource guarding, all of which is easily corrected by his foster mom.  He responds very well to direction and has great potential with someone who has time to teach him the basics and build trust and confidence.  He is making steady progress already!  Junior is suited to an experienced owner and would not be suitable for a first time dog owner.

This sensitive boy is showing some moderate separation anxiety issues and we will be working to help him cope better with alone time. He shows great improvement daily.  Routine, structure and kindness are really paying off for this boy. His foster mom has made great strides with him in a short time!

He is being fostered in the Mississauga area.  His approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person. An adoption donation applies and will be determined once we know his long term training and health needs.