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Saturday, April 11, 2015


Thanks to Liz Bradley for the picture - http://elizabethandjane.ca/
October 8, 2015: I was adopted!

Happy girl Sox is looking for a fabulous family to call her own. She is a friendly Newf who loves people and gets along with everyone she meets.  She is looking for a home where she will gets lots of love and care. Her foster mom says, "She is UBER affectionate. With the slightest invitation she'll be at your feet for some cuddle time or flopped over for belly rubs."  :)

Thanks to Liz Bradley for the picture - http://elizabethandjane.ca/
Sox and her brother Shoez came to us on April 11th after much careful thought and consideration by their loving owner.  Both dogs have been well loved and cared for, but many life changes beyond their owner's control made it apparent that Sox and Shoez were no longer having their needs met.  Their owner made the best choice for these two lovely dogs and entrusted Newf Friends with finding them loving homes.

Thanks to Liz Bradley for the picture - http://elizabethandjane.ca/
Sox is a playful girl who was born on May 15, 2009 so is just about 6 years young.  She knows basic commands, including: sit, down, rollover, here, paw, leave it, stay, etc.  She is really bright and picks up training easily.  She excelled in her obedience course.  She would be a perfect match for someone interested in doing therapy work.

She is great when left home alone - she has no separation anxiety, she's not destructive, never gets into trouble, perfectly housetrained, etc.

Thanks to Liz Bradley for the picture - http://elizabethandjane.ca/
Soz uses her voice sparingly (eg. doesn't alert bark),is really polite with house guests, big and small, human or canine.  She never jumps up, etc.  She seems fond of kids, enjoys being pet by them, etc. (she would knock over tiny kids though - goofy girl!)


Sox is great off leash in safe areas and has good recall. She keeps a close eye on her humans and never leaves your sight. She would be great for light hiking trails, etc.  
An avid swimmer, Sox would love to find a family who will take her to the lake for lots of swim sessions!  She also loves to romp and play, so an equally active family would suit her well.  Her foster mom recommends at least an hour of exercise per day, but she is happy to do more.  She has no mobility issues at all, no hesitation getting up, etc.
First time out dock diving - look at her go!
Thanks to Liz Bradley for the picture - http://elizabethandjane.ca/
Sox loves to play with other dogs and has excellent doggie social skills.  She greets calmly and plays very well,   She could live with a playful male or female dog, or would be equally happy being the only dog and soaking up all of the attention herself!

Her family tells us that she finds it difficult containing herself near cats or small animals, so she is best suited to a cat-free home.

Sox is spayed and is in good shape.  She has dropped quite a bit of weight since arriving in foster car, her fitness has improved and she is doing great!

She has been brought up to date on basic vaccines.  She is allergic to turkey, chicken and beef  but does well on other foods.  She has received regular vet care throughout her life, has been fed a healthy raw diet and has known much love. We have switched her over to a diet of Orijen 6 Fish and she is doing well on this.

Sox has an inverted vulva which makes her susceptible to irritation, hopefully as she continues to drop the excess pounds this will improve dramatically. Keeping the area clean and dry has cleared up all irritation and she is doing very well now.

Her foster mom says, " She is seriously awesome. Something about her loyal, loving and goofiness - she is really special.  She has these big soft eyes that make everyone feel very loved.   We have fostered  50 or so dogs and she is definitely one that will leave a mark. :)"

 Sox is being fostered in the Ottawa area and her approved adopters will be required to pick her up in person.  We will consider homes within a one day drive of her location, including parts of Ontario, Quebec, and neighbouring States including NY, PA, NJ, VT and more.  An adoption donation of $500 applies.

Sox made her TV debut on Animal House Calls on June 2...here are some shots from the green room and the set:

Have a look at this cute video her foster family made!