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Saturday, April 11, 2015




Lovable boy Shoez is looking for some loving from a great family.  This big, goofy fella' has loads of love to give!  He joined an adoptive family but after a few days they came to the conclusion that it just was not the right fit, so he is still available for adoption.

Shoez and his sister Sox came to us on April 11th after much careful thought and consideration by their loving owner.  Both dogs have been well loved and cared for, but many life changes beyond their owner's control made it apparent that Sox and Shoez were no longer having their needs met.  Their owner made the best choice for these two lovely dogs and entrusted Newf Friends with finding them loving homes.

Shoez is an affectionate boy who was born on January 16, 2010 so is just about 5 years young.  He is a happy boy with a goofy side and is social and loves spending time with people.  He knows basic commands and has nice house manners.  This boy is TALL so it's pretty easy for him to counter surf if there is a very tempting treat just sitting there calling to him!
He has been neutered and at the moment is in need of a weight loss program to shed some extra pounds.  Maintaining a lean physique is very important for Shoez!  He underwent surgery at 8 months and 12 months of age to correct issues with his elbows and made a full recovery.  He also underwent a hip replacement at 16 months. He has very good mobility now, and takes daily supplements to help keep his joints happy.

He can be a playful boy and likes to hop around and have fun, but he should not be allowed to over do it.  He is fine on stairs, but thinking long term, as with all Newfs, a home with few steps to go outside to his fenced yard would be ideal.  No worries about his mobility though  -- look at him playing with this ball!

Long walks are not enjoyable for Shoez, he would prefer a nice 15 min walk.  He loves to swim though and this is a great form of exercise for him that is easy on his joints.  A home with a pool or access to a pond or lake for swimming will benefit him greatly.  Shoez is sensitive to the heat, so a home with air conditioning is a must-have for him.

He has received regular, excellent vet care throughout his life, has been fed a healthy raw diet and has known much love. He is allergic to turkey and chicken but does well on other foods. We have transitioned him to Orijen 6 Fish kibble and he is doing well on this so if his adopters prefer to feed a kibble rather than raw diet this is a great option.


Shoez is playful with other respectful dogs and enjoys a fun romp with his pals.  Understandably he does not appreciate being jumped on and climbed all over though. He would be happy as the only dog, or joining a family with another respectful, well mannered dog.  A young, boisterous dog who is going to be all over him will not be a good fit for Shoez.

This handsome boy finds cats rather irresistible, so a cat free home is best.

Shoez is being fostered in the Bomanville area.  His approved adopters will be required to pick him up in person. We will consider applications from families within a 10 hour radius of his foster home which includes parts of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and neighbouring States including NY, PA, OH, NJ, VT and more.

Because of his need for daily supplements a reduced adoption donation of $350 applies.