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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adopter Update: Maggie

An update from Maggie's new family:
 Hi Sandra & Allison,

I just wanted to update you guys on how Maggie is doing.  She is so much fun to have around and we can't imagine not having her as part of the family.  She is healthy and very happy!

Her and Cash are getting along great and even choose to sleep beside each other at times.  They play amazingly with each other and we are supprised at how fast she can run when she wants to. Maggie loves it when Cash licks her face!  We have to stop him from licking her ears though, even though she likes it!  Vet says it can lead to infections.  We've since had her microchipped and have picked up revolution to keep her healthy!

She is such a love bug and often comes to us and puts her head in our laps!  Maggie's way of giving hugs! :) :)  She acts very innocent but we have learned that things like a loaf of bread or butter can't be left on the counther within reach over night because she will help herself to it.  She has a great appetite! LOL! The planter pots were being dug up as well and we thought it was Cash since he is usually the trouble maker but we soon found out otherwise. :) :)

I have attached some photos, one of which shows her sitting in the flower pot!  I couldn't resist grabbing my camera and snapping a picture!  She is so gentle and amazing with my nephews as well!  She is loved very much and we can't thank you enough for taking care of her and chosing us to be her parents! :)

I'll send more updates in the future.

All the best!