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Sunday, May 27, 2012



June 26, 2012: Chase was adopted!

This adorable boy arrived in our care on May 27/12.  He is approximately 9 years old (but he sure doesn't act like it!) and a total love bug who gets along with everyone he meets and is going to make a wonderful companion for the right family.

He is fine with cats, other dogs, and is an overall gentle, well tempered boy.  He is not particularly interested in playing with other dogs, but is friendly with them.  Chase would be fine joining a family with other well mannered pets, or he would be content as the only dog in the house.

Chase has been clipped down by his surrendering family.  He will require regular brushing as his coat grows in.  Care should be taken to protect Chase from overheating in the summer months.  He will need access to shade and lots of water when outside.  At his foster home he likes to dip his feet in his pool to cool off.  Chase would love leisurely strolls by a lake or river!  Like a typical Newf he drools, makes a royal mess with his water bucket and loves to lay on the air conditioning vent when indoors!

Look at me meeting dogs at the dog park.

Chase has lived with children and is gentle and sweet but he would prefer a quieter home where he would not be exposed to a lot of activity and uproar.  This  fella' likes his peace and quiet.  He's perfectly suited to be a quiet companion for a lower activity family.

Chase has good house manners - he is fine being left alone unsupervised.  Like many Newfs, he's a bit of a counter surfer so this will need to be worked on.  Chase is a well behaved boy who knows basic commands, walks nicely on lead and is overall an easy going, quiet, sweet boy.

Chase has been neutered and vaccinated.  He is in overall good health. At 136 lbs he is a little overweight but not bad.   Chase is a bit stiff in his left hip. His right knee has some boney thickening possibly from chronic cruciate ligament issues but the joint seems stable now and he is not lame so surgery is not recommended for him.   Chase does not like stairs, so a home with few steps would be best for him.  
Chase  goes for several short walks a day.  He does not have great stamina, but as he drops his excess weight and exercises more his energy will increase.

Look how cute I am rolling around on my doggie bed!

Chase is being fostered in the Mississauga area.  His adoptive family will be required to pick him up in person. Because he is a senior our typical adoption donation of $500 will be reduced to $350.