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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A note from one of River's veterinarians

Following her surgery, River's vet care and rehabilitation was done in the Ottawa area.   Dr. Stephanie Cote was instrumental in River's rehabilitation providing acupuncture, herbal medicine and supportive care to facilitate River's recovery.

 Dr. Cote poses with River

 Here's a note we received from Stephanie about her experience as part of River's health care team:
When I first met River, she was in trouble.  Besides needing bilateral cruciate repair, she  was spiking fevers, developing infections and her surgeries were not without complications.  I have been so tremendously impressed by the care and commitment of her foster parent, Erica, and the Newf Friends Rescue for supporting River to wellness so that she could find a forever home.  I know Erica and I both had tears in our eyes on the last day I saw River.   She was a happy dog.  In fact, she was a happy dog throughout, she just went through periods where she didn’t walk very well or struggled to get up or didn’t really feel like getting up because she wasn’t well.  To see her running up and down the hill, on that last day, reminded me how lucky we are to get to meet dogs like River. The dogs that despite all odds are SO LOVING and SO LOVEABLE that they have the opportunity to heal and have a great life.   My deepest gratitude to all who supported River’s road to wellness.  

Stephanie Cote DVM

About Dr. Stephanie Cote 

Stephanie Cote is an experienced veterinarian who specializes in integrative medicine.  She combines her love of medicine and client education with specialized training in acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutraceutical and nutritional therapy, postural rehabilitation and osteopathy. 

Her combined training allows her to offer comprehensive treatment plans for patients with adverse reactions to medications, food & environmental allergies, lameness, pain & mobility problems.  She has a particular interest in patients with multiple problems including geriatrics,  internal medicine, chronic skin disease & digestive problems.
Dr. Cote also provides a full range of hospital services for those seeking a more holistic approach to routine and preventive veterinary care.  Stephanie’s primary focus is supporting the body’s ability to heal fully through nutritional therapy and physical rehabilitation to prevent problems from recurring.  Stephanie is happy to discuss any and all questions regarding different approaches to medicine and wellness for your pet.