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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adopter Update: River

An update from River's new family:

River is so easy to love! We are getting to know her more and more every day but I’m sure she is the friendliest dog I’ve ever met.  So far we know that River likes to park herself in the center of the kitchen when its meal time, splashing around in the river ranks high (good thing we have one) and sleeping beside her new mom every night is a must.  It’s easy to accommodate her when these are all things I like too.   
River thrives on the constant attention from her human brother, Callum.    She is so gentle and patient – I think she's figured out he is the most generous with the salmon cookies.   They share a love of romping through the forest and playing in my gardens.  They’re perfectly matched!  River is so friendly with everyone she meets.  She gives the most wonderful kisses and never tires of having arms around her.   She is a big-time snuggler!

River is getting lots of safe exercise off leash, we are careful of any strain on her knees.  She is very familiar with her stretching routine and home-care after having multiple surgeries.  We’ll start some swimming at the cottage this summer, I already know how much she loves the water.   River loves our river!  It is not deep enough to swim in but she is happy enough to splash around or even just sit and cool off for awhile.   Once or twice she’s managed to jump in when it was suppose to be time to jump in the van – oh well, that’s what towels, blow dryers and brushes are for.   
River has been a perfect match for our family, we're busy spoiling her with hope that she feels the same. 
We loved her from the first day, she is very special to us.