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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jumpin' Jack Flash

 Jumpin' Jack Flash

July 25, 2012: I've been adopted!  Yahoo!

Hey everyone meet Jack,  a sweet, 8 year old boy who is looking for a family to spend his senior years with.   This handsome fella' is loving and social and hopes to find a fabulous family to call his own very soon.

Jack is a gentle boy who has good house manners, knows basic commands and gets along well with people.  He is good with children and a total love bug who thrives on attention and being around his family.

Jack is an active boy who loves to swim and would be very happy finding a home with a family who will take him for nice walks and lots of exercise time in and around water.


This adorable purebred Newf is registered and was originally intended to be a show/stud dog but he wasn't quite right for that role and was rehomed to a caring family who he has lived with for the last several years.  They recently had some changes in their living situation which were proving stressful for Jack and the decision was made to turn him over to rescue.

Previously Jack lived in a home with a back yard, and during the day while his family worked he was able to hang out in the fenced yard and he was content with this arrangement.  Several months ago his family ended up moving into an apartment and Jack no longer had a yard to play in during the day. Jack did not cope well being left home alone in an apartment.  He's a very smart and crafty boy and soon started getting himself into trouble in the apartment and ultimately  figured out how to get out of the apartment and his adventures around town began.

Like many newfs Jack is very intelligent and has excellent problem solving skills, so locks and latches were no problem for him to monkey with and he was frequently letting himself out of his apartment despite his owner's efforts to contain him.  He ended up in animal control more than once, and the situation was becoming dangerous for Jack.  After many months of trying to find a solution it became clear that Jack is not suited for apartment life and for his well being and safety he was turned over to Newf Friends.

Given the great distance back to Jack's original kennel the decision has been made to first try to rehome Jack from Ontario rather than putting him through the stress of a very long transport back to the kennel he came from.  This is a decision made with Jack's best interest in mind.

A home where someone is around a lot of the time would be terrific for Jack -- he thrives in an environment with people around him.

Jack has recently been neutered so we are still waiting for his testosterone levels to drop.  He is a frisky boy making it difficult for him to control himself around female dogs.  He mounts them and ignores their warnings which can lead to problems. 

Jack is not suited to living with other large males at this time. We have not seen signs of aggression, but he is definitely dominant and that can provoke other dogs.  Jack is probably best finding a home with no other male dogs.

Ultimately Jack would be very content as the only dog in the household, or he could join a family with a nice, mellow female dog.

Jack was born January 13, 2004 and appears to be in good health and physical shape.  He has been vet checked,  vaccinated and neutered.  We also had a few teeth extracted that were potentially problematic, but Jack is all healed up and ready to go,  Jack has OFA clearances for hips and elbows.

Jack was shaved by his owners prior to being surrendered to us and it will take many months for his coat to grow back in.

Jack is in a temporary foster home in Lindsay, Ontario.

Our usual adoption donation of $500 will be reduced because Jack is a senior.    A donation of $350 will apply.  We are accepting applications for Jack now.