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Friday, November 16, 2012

Inti - Adopter Update

Many of you may remember Inti. He was a senior fellow with an amazing spirit that came into our rescue program in December 2011. He was terribly matted and had mobility issues but he had a heart of gold. Below is a picture of him when he first arrived at his foster home.

He was immediately put on pain medication to make him more comfortable and taken to the groomer. What a handsome guy he was once the matts were cut out and he was cleaned up! See below.

He had to be completely shaved. Brrrrr!

Shortly before his February 2012 adoption, his hair was growing in nicely

Inti was adopted in February 2012 by a wonderful, kind-hearted lady named Joan who couldn't resist his soulful eyes and charming personality. Seeing as Joan lived in Minnesota, Inti's foster Mom met up with her just outside of Chicago; the half way point between them. It was love at first sight when Inti met his new Momma. Now here's the part of the story that is unforgettable. Joan's car broke down when she arrived in Chicago. She and Inti had to spend 4 days in the area, waiting for it to be fixed. They camped out in a hotel and Inti made friends with all the staff and as many guests as he possibly could. Picture this happy old guy lumbering around the hotel hallways, saying hello to every single person he saw. Priceless!! Once the car was fixed, Inti and Joan said goodbye to their fans and made their way home to Minnesota with no hiccups. What an adoption story!

Fast forward to November 2012.... Joan sent us an update. Inti is doing great. He loves all the other senior dogs and cats at his new home, loves his humans and is still making friends everywhere he goes. And boy does he go places! His most favourite thing is going for car rides every chance he gets, which is almost daily. What a guy! He has a favourite tree in the backyard that he loves to lay under, even though he has to climb a little rise and over some rocks to get to it. Inti always knew what he wanted and never let anything stop him from getting it. This is exactly the spirit and determination we were talking about!

Inti is a wonderful reminder that just because a dog is older and might not walk so well, it doesn't mean they can't enjoy life and live it to the fullest. We look forward to more updates from this special guy. Enjoy the pictures!

chewing on a stick
look at his glorious coat!!
Hi friends!!
relaxing under his favourite tree

Can't get enough of Inti? You can view Inti's original biography with all his videos at http://newf-friends.blogspot.ca/2011/12/inti.html