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Monday, November 26, 2012



January 5, 2013: Sullivan was adopted. YAY!

Hi-Ho everyone!  My name is Sullivan, but  you can call me Sulli!  I'm an adorable, lovable,  boy and I'm looking for a fun loving family of my very own.  Maybe yours?

I arrived at Newf Friends on November 25 and I am getting all settled into foster care.  I get along great with everyone I meet and I love to play and have fun.  Foster mom says I'm a very good boy in the house, I don't get into trouble and as long as I've had some exercise I am happy to hang out and relax with my family.

I was born on March 20, 2011 so I'm just 20 months old and I have lots of learning to do.  I'm a typical playful puppy and I ended up at Newf Friends after being sold to a family then returned to my breeder, then sold to another family who were very nice but were not able to exercise a young boy like me! The decision was made for me to come to Newf Friends so I can finally find the RIGHT family.  I hope they come along soon, I'm ready to start my new life!

Really I don't need that much exercise, but I do need to be able to burn off some steam!  I'm actually a pretty easy fella and get along great with just a couple nice walks a day, maybe some play time at the dog park. In the video below I'm making friends with some Westies!

There's other dogs at my foster home and I am having fun playing with them.  I'd love a family where I will have someone else to romp and play with!  Sometimes I get super excited and I jump on the other dogs to hump them.  Apparently I'm not supposed to do that and I get told off by the dogs sometimes.  What fun!  Foster mom says I need to work on my manners a bit.  I guess I can give it a try!

I've been to the vet and it was lots of fun.  The vet says I'm a very nice boy and that I'm on the small side for a Newf.  I weigh 108 lbs.  I'm actually kind of out of shape and I need to drop some chub and put on muscle -- that means I need to get out and exercise and I'm game for that!

My hips are kind of sore, especially my right one,  and I am taking medication for that right now.  The vet lady says I have something called dysplasia in both of my hips.  She said it's not the end of the world and that once I get in shape and build up muscles around my hips I will feel a lot better.  Apparently I'm supposed to go swimming a lot and walk up a lot of hills -- I'm going to have buns of steel in no time!  The Newf Friends folks say that once my muscles are better I can start taking less and less meds and hopefully I won't need them again until I'm a lot older.  They mentioned something about Omega 3s and supplements and a bunch of stuff that is supposed to make me feel awesome.  They promise to explain it all to my new family so that I can get healthy and enjoy a long, pain free life.  Yippee!

Pooped after playing!
I have already been neutered and my vaccines are up to date so I'm ready to go!  I'm taking some meds for an ear infection but hopefully that will be all cleaned up in no time.

I'd like a home with not too many stairs, but a couple steps are no big deal.  Right now I'm being fostered in the Mississauga area, my new family will have to pick me up in person. 

The usual adoption donation of $500 will be reduced to $400 to offset the cost of my pain meds for the next little while.

If you think you'd like me to join your family please submit an application to the Newf folks and they will get back to you.