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Sunday, November 4, 2012



Nov 24, 2012: Kira was adopted!

Hi folks, I'm Kira. I arrived with the Newfie rescue people on November 4, 2012. I'll tell you a bit about myself to help you decide if I would fit with your family.

I was born on December 11, 2006 so that makes me almost 6 years old. I'm a pretty big girl, not overweight but big boned and tall, perhaps you could say statuesque??? If you're interested in the exact measurements... I weigh 126 lbs and am 30" at the shoulder. I saw the vet for vaccines and she said I'm in great shape; good hips, teeth, heart, skin and my overall health is excellent. Yay! I went back to the vet on November 13th to be spayed and my surgery went great; no problems at all. The vet said I was a great patient, a pleasure to meet and so easy-going. Yep, that's me!

I get along well with other dogs and could quite easily join a household with other well mannered dogs. I'm not really into playing with them, I'm more mellow than that. I like walking around with other dogs, sniffing interesting stuff and hanging out but I'm past the young hooligan age. Don't take that to mean that I'm lazy or boring... I'm not! I'm quite peppy outside and can boot around with the best of them but playing just isn't my thing. Going for walks is though; I love when my leash comes out... yippeee! I have nice leash manners and don't pull at all (well, maybe for the first 30 seconds until I settle in). I greet other dogs nicely when I'm out walking but if they are barking at me, I prefer to just keep walking. Who wants to say hello to an impolite dog? Not me! I do know my basic commands as well, though my recall is somewhat sketchy. You have to understand, I've been living outside for a year, roaming and doing my own thing. I need some time to bond with these Newfie folks and remember what coming when I'm called is all about. Treats actually help me remember really well!! <ha ha haaaa!!>

Are you done taking pictures yet?
standing pretty, checking things out
I was an outdoor dog for the past year so straight away I got a bath, some serious blowing with a high powered dryer and loads of brushing. Whoa, do I ever feel better! I was pretty fantastic throughout the whole operation if I do say so myself, even nail trimming, I just lay there and let foster Mom do her thing. Scroll down for some 'before' pictures. 

Check me out in the video below. My foster Dad was brushing me and I decided all was good in the world so I'd take a wee snooze. Yep, I'm that chill. I also LOVE to lay on the couch for naps and I don't mind if you snuggle in next to me because I quite enjoy getting pets and attention from people. I have also perfected the "Newfie lean"!

Even though I lived outside recently, I was an indoor dog before that with my first owner (who had me since I was a puppy). I know all about living in a house and my manners are pretty good. I am very interested in the goings-on of the kitchen and because of my height my nose can just about reach the top of the counter. So many tasty things to smell and maybe, just maybe... steal <grin>. I don't wreck anything in the house and actually don't bark much either, just at normal dog stuff. I am not a high energy girl, I am content to spend most of my time laying about, being cute and going for some moderate walks. I am actually pretty mellow and laid back, some would say a "perfect Newfie companion". Check out the video below and decide for yourself! At night I sleep on my blanket with no fuss either. Yep, I'm super cool and pretty much bomb-proof, an ideal laid back gal.

Ok, I know I sound too good to be true so here's the downside to my personality ...... Even though I'm super with other dogs I'm not so hot with cats. I like to chase them so probably best that I don't live with them. I would stress them out for sure! I was surrendered to the Newfie rescue because I chased rabbits too much (think I may have even hurt one, can't recall, selective memory y'know). So, no small animals for me BUT I did learn to coexist peacefully with a cat once before so perhaps with the right family, with the right dog-savvy cat, I could learn again??? I do listen really well to people and am very responsive to correction so who knows... I'd be willing to try if you were. :o)

with regular grooming & good food the brown tinges will go away and my coat will turn a lustrous black
Before being groomed
this is what the Newfie people call "stress drool"

If you would like more info about me or want me to join your family, just submit an adoption application. You can find it on the Contact Us page of this website. 

I am being fostered in the Orangeville, ON area and my new family is required to pick me up in person. An adoption donation of $500 applies and a fenced yard is absolutely required.

Also, they told me to tell you.... please don't email them with questions about me, just watch this space for more info or check out the FAQ page. If you're REALLY interested and want to talk to someone about me and have questions, just submit an application... then they'll know you're serious. Apparently these Newfie rescue folks are all volunteers and they get loads and loads of emails every day.

going for a walk
Nap time